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Ligurian motorways, lightening of construction sites in August

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Ligurian motorways, lightening of construction sites in August

“In the next few days, and for the month of August, we will see a phase of strong lightening of the works on the motorways, with the dismantling of the most significant and impactful construction sites”. This was stated by the Councilor for Infrastructures of the Liguria Region, Giacomo Giampedrone, at the end of the meeting of the technical table on motorway construction sites, convened by the Ministry of Infrastructure with the participation of Anci, the Municipality of Genoa and the motorway concessionaires of Liguria.

The plan, he continued, «is perfectly in line with that of the past years, in light of the continuous remodeling of the works that took place in the past months. I believe that this very concrete and operational work table has brought extraordinary results, also appreciated by local institutions and intermediate bodies, in particular by the business world ».

Less impactful construction sites

Certainly, the commissioner added, “there have been inconveniences, but thanks to this constant and constructive confrontation we have managed to reduce them to the minimum possible, taking into account the need to proceed with these construction sites within the timeframe set by the Ministry of Infrastructure. My hope is that this commitment will not be lost by maintaining this formula in a stable way also in the next legislature: if today the construction sites are less impactful and if the effectiveness of this table is recognized, it is because, with a close comparison, we were able to take timely decisions “.

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The lightening plan for August, said Giampedrone, «will make an exception, on the Aspi network, for some interventions that cannot be postponed, which will be carried out in August also in light of the reduction of traffic forecasts in the summer months. These are construction sites that, thanks to the forecasting system, can be timely modulated in the event of inconvenience ».

The works cannot be postponed

These are carriageway reductions linked to noise barriers in particular on the A7 Genova Milano, interventions on the via Cantore access ramp to the Genova Ovest tollbooth and some daily carriageway reductions on the A10 Genova Savona and A12 Genova Sestri Levante, necessary for allow for inspections of the infrastructure. A reduction of the carriageway is also planned from 11 to 19 August in the San Bartolomeo tunnel, immediately after entering the motorway from the Genova Ovest tollbooth.

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