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“Lil Ciu” is the solo project of Stefano Porteri, aka “Ciuino”

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“Lil Ciu” is the solo project of Stefano Porteri, aka “Ciuino”

LILCIU E DONJOEl, the solo project by Stefano Porteri, aka Ciuino

Stefano Porteri, “aka Ciuino”, launches his solo career

Ciuino it is the masculine of “Ciuina”, nickname of the typical bird called cinciabigia. A nickname that I inherited from my family, first my grandmother la Ciuina, then my father and his brothers, then my sister up to me, where the nickname has become male over the years and now a stage name rather than a nickname. Few people call me Stefano. La major parte Ciuino, ciui, or precisely CIU.

We have already seen this character in multiple contexts and musical formations, but for just over a year he has given life to his solo project. It all starts with a song, “Ripped”with the production of celebre ex-club dogo, Don Joewho defined the song as very catchy from the very first listen.

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The single had a good response for being the first song released by the artistwhich has certainly started to gain notoriety, both for the quality of the product and for the very particular and well-finished image it shows through the Instagram channel.

Now, after a second single published in April titled 5five vowels, returns to the limelight with a single entitled A1, produced by Salvatore Addeo, to be released on Friday 16 June.

Lil Ciu, his debut with “Snatched”

To understand Lil Ciu’s art project can be referenced from the first song, “Snatched”; a text that ranges from raw to romantic melancholy, with a straight body base that leaves no space or breath to the listener except in some specific points where there is a slight quiet before launching a refrain that then hardly comes out of the head .

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