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LinkedIn, Italy is the third country in Europe for subscribers: over 16 million

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LinkedIn Italy exceeds 16 million subscribers. Italy thus becomes the third largest national community in Europe, ten years after the arrival of the most used social network for professional networking and job opportunities. Globally, there are 774 million people who are part of the community.

“In 2011, when we opened the Italian office, we had just over 2 million members. It is an exceptional result and a moment of great pride and satisfaction. In these 10 years we have managed to bring our country to have over 16 million professionals on the platform, helping them not only to expand their professional network, but above all to create new career opportunities, responding to the constantly evolving requests of companies and recruiter », explains the country manager Marcello Albergoni.

Among the most important tools to support the connection between job supply and demand, on LinkedIn is the Economic Graph which creates a digital mapping of the global economy, taking into account the data left by members, companies and schools. The “interactive map” shows the job skills present in European and American cities, with real-time data. Whenever data is added on LinkedIn, for example when a subscriber supplements their profile with a new skill or when a company highlights a new job opportunity, it immediately becomes part of the Economic Graph.

Given the great ferment generated by the PNRR in the PA, the social network has also created a special tool called inPA, a national recruitment portal and a new digital space dedicated to public work, to identify and involve the largest number of professions and high specializations in the procedures launched by the public administrations for the selection of personnel for the NRP projects.

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