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Listed company independent directors frequently resign, “more pits and less carrots” headhunters are eagerly looking for people | Kangmei Pharmaceutical | Listed company_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: Listed company’s independent director frequently resigns “more pits and less carrots” headhunters are eagerly looking for people

Our reporter Xiao Wei

Since Kangmei Pharmaceutical issued a ticket, independent directors of listed companies have resigned frequently. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 independent directors of listed companies resigned due to personal or physical reasons.

Insiders predict that there will be more independent directors leaving at the end of the year and next year’s annual report. By then, independent directors and corresponding positions in listed companies may have a situation of “more pits and fewer carrots”.

Headhunters are eager to find independent director candidates

In the first-instance judgment of the “Kangmei Pharmaceutical Case”, five independent directors at the time were fined more than 100 million yuan and jointly and severally liable for compensation. After the news came out, the announcement of the resignation of independent directors in the A-share market increased significantly.

“Independent director candidates are a very small business, and headhunting companies at our level are rarely involved, but now we also get urgent orders from the listed company HRD (Human Resources Director), which is still forced by them. Ours.” Xiong Junjie, the person in charge of Hunan Junjie Human Resources Consulting Company, told reporters, “People who can be independent directors generally have social background, personal connections, and industry influence. It is often the CEO of a listed company who personally ends up acting as CHO (Chief Human Resources). (Officials) come to headhunting and select objects in industry events, exchanges and discussions, and small circle exchanges. It is not our turn to get involved. Like the current situation where HRD directly issues orders, it shows that the boss does not have the right resources.” He said, “The headhunting independent director candidates are a small-scale business. The market demand is very limited. Our accumulation of resources is also very limited. We can only touch them in the talent pools of professional managers’ associations, universities, and scientific research institutions. Luck.” He pointed to a stack of resumes on the table, and said helplessly, “Now that Kangmei Pharmaceutical’s ticket is issued, independent director candidates feel that the risk is not proportional to the reward. A business of several hundred million yuan’. We called to solicit their opinions on employment, but the other party refused to say that they were in a meeting or driving, and hung up the phone.”

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Not knowing the inside story is not a “gold medal” for exoneration

On November 18th, Liu Shuwei, who is also an independent director of 4 companies, posted nearly 500 words of emotion in the circle of friends. She said, “Relevant laws and regulations of our country have clearly stipulated the rights and responsibilities of independent directors. Regarding Kangmei Pharmaceutical’s unscrupulous fraudulent behavior, as an independent director, he is indifferent! Since he has not fulfilled the rights and responsibilities granted by laws and regulations, he has been punished by law and is wronged. ? Accepting the invitation to serve as an independent director means that you will perform the rights and obligations granted by laws and regulations. If you can’t do this, why should you serve as an independent director?”

The team of lawyers of Beijing Yingke (Wuxi) Law Firm Qi Chengjun has been defending the rights of investors in the A-share market for a long time.

Lawyer Qi Chengjun, who is awaiting the verdict in the ST Fusteel case, introduced the relevant situation to reporters. “We also have victims of the Kangmei Pharmaceuticals case and are following the corresponding legal procedures. I hope everyone will take up legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.”

Regarding the resignation of independent directors, he said, “The original intention of establishing the independent director system was to require independent directors to protect the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium investors. Related personnel of listed companies accept legal sanctions together. The A-share market is not a place outside the law, and the status of independent directors is not a “gold medal” for exemption. I don’t know the inside information and cannot perform duties, let alone excuses.” He said, “Even if independent directors leave, they will still It is necessary to bear legal responsibility for the signed documents. Now the first quarter report, semi-annual report, and third quarter report of 2021 have been issued. Even if the independent directors leave at this time, the corresponding legal responsibility will still be fulfilled. Moreover, from the case of Kangmei Pharmaceutical From this point of view, the regulatory agency attaches great importance to cases that have a long duration, a large degree of influence, and a wide range of cases, and the prosecution period is also very long.”

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Small shareholder Lu Qinghai, who once scolded and reprimanded independent directors for inaction with independent directors at the annual shareholders meeting of a listed company, told reporters, “The existing independent director system has problems. In name, independent directors and listed companies have problems. There are no connected transactions, and no stocks, options, or bonds of listed companies. In fact, the annual allowance of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan for independent directors is given by the listed company. Does this not constitute a direct economic relationship? Independent directors or Ignore the practices of listed companies, or just sit on the side of listed companies and protect the interests of listed company executives and major shareholders.”

He put forward his own opinion, “If a listed company pays independent director allowances to the regulatory agency on schedule, the regulatory agency assesses the comprehensive ability of independent director candidates, and then arranges independent directors to serve in the listed company. This may be a way to find a solution to the problem. “

Small shareholders represented by Lu Qinghai are eagerly looking forward to the reform of the independent director system, but the headhunting company represented by Xiong Junjie is worried about how to help Party A solve the current “radish shortage”. Looking forward to the future, Xiong Junjie expressed his concern to reporters: “Now everyone feels that independent directors have potential risks and do not want to be. The list we received is divided into three categories. One is the urgent need to find independent directors who can sign. The annual report mark; one is the need to reserve independent director candidates to prevent the sudden resignation of independent directors in the future, which will lead to unacceptable failures; the other is to find better and better independent directors to help the company improve its governance and make decisions. No matter what type of situation, next year The exchange of blood for independent directors of listed companies is a high probability event.”

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