Home Business Lithium business profits increase sharply, Yahua Group’s net profit in the first three quarters is expected to increase by 225%-235% year-on-year

Lithium business profits increase sharply, Yahua Group’s net profit in the first three quarters is expected to increase by 225%-235% year-on-year

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  Yahua GroupThe first three quarters of 2021 will be released on the evening of October 12PerformanceIn advance, the company expects to be attributable to listed companies from January to SeptembershareholderofNet profit630 million-650 million yuan, an increase of 225%-235% over the same period of the previous year; the basic earnings per share are expected to be 0.56 yuan-0.57 yuan.

Among them, the company expects to achieve a net profit of 300 million to 320 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies from July to September, an increase of 380.9% to 411.97% over the same period of the previous year; basic earnings per share are estimated to be 0.26 yuan to 0.28 yuan.

For the reasons for performance changes,announcementIt shows that during the reporting period, the company’s two main businesses, civil explosions and lithium industry, continued to exert efforts. While maintaining the steady growth of civil explosions business, the prosperity of the lithium industry continued to rise, and the price of lithium salt products continued to rise; the company seized the opportunity With the release of production capacity and increased sales, the sales of lithium salt products have gradually increased, and the profits of the lithium business have increased substantially.

data shows that,Yahua GroupThe development trend of the dual main industries of the civil explosive industry and the lithium industry has been formed. In the lithium industry, the company’s subsidiary companies, Guoli Company and Xingsheng Lithium, are the earliest companies in China to produce lithium salt products. Their business covers the preparation of lithium hydroxide, the purification of battery-grade lithium carbonate, and the production of lithium dihydrogen phosphate, the precursor of battery cathode materials. The whole chain of production and product sales. Relying on the R&D platform of the national enterprise technology center, the company insists on technological innovation, continuously introduces, digests and absorbs new processes, new technologies, and new concepts in the industry, and actively encourages independent innovation, and has overcome a number of key production processes and core technologies, and It has a number of original patented technologies, some of which have filled the domestic gap and are in a leading position in the industry. It is one of the makers of the industry’s battery-grade lithium hydroxide national standard.

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(Source: China Securities Network)

Article source: China Securities Network

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Original title: Lithium business profit increased sharply, Yahua Group’s net profit in the first three quarters increased by 225%-235% year-on-year

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