Home Business Liu Hai is really narrow. The first batch of Apple iPhone 13 bright screen photos were exposed before the press conference-Apple iPhone

Liu Hai is really narrow. The first batch of Apple iPhone 13 bright screen photos were exposed before the press conference-Apple iPhone

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Today is September 14th, Tuesday, and Apple will launch the iPhone 13 series that fans have been looking forward to for a year. The new generation models will have the same design as the iPhone 12, and their dimensions are almost the same. However, when it comes to the notorious bangs, the design of the iPhone 13 will have a big change (significantly more debt), and the top bezel will be narrower than ever.


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So far, we have seen this reduced area of ​​bangs in various unofficial renderings and schematics. However, when the iPhone 13 conference was still a few hours away, the real-life iPhone 13 pictures were exposed online, allowing us to see smaller bangs for the first time. The leaked information also explains how Apple will use the area vacated by the larger display on either side of the notch.

No matter how big the iPhone screen is, the bangs are the same size. This means that both iPhone mini and iPhone Pro Max have similar bezels on the top. This is because all bangs have the same Face ID component.

According to previous leaks, the iPhone 13 speakers have been moved to a unified border around the screen. The real photos below seem to confirm this. This means that Apple has more screen space available.

What will the larger iPhone 13 display show?


A leaker who recently posted photos of the so-called iPhone 13 case also posted the following pictures on social media. One of them shows a picture of an iPhone 13 device, the screen is open, which means that it has been unlocked just before someone took the picture.

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The first picture appeared to be taken somewhere in Italy late on Monday. According to the information displayed on the “ear” on the left screen, this iPhone is run by Vodafone in Italy.

On the right side of the bangs, the display contains more information than ever. We see the phone connection bar, Wi-Fi connection, and the battery percentage next to the battery icon. The battery percentage is a useful supplement to the “ear” of the right display, so that users no longer need to swipe down in the upper right corner to see this information. This is the embarrassment encountered by the current iPhone with regular bangs.

The second picture is a screenshot of the iPhone 13 lock screen. As is happening now, the bangs will not appear in the screenshot, but the picture gives us the same icon information at the top.

As with the previous iPhone 13 leak, there is no way to guarantee the accuracy of these photos. But Apple may explain the new bangs design of this phone at a press conference later on Tuesday.


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