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“Logistics, hi tech and tourism key factors for relaunching”

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«Ho started the mandate in 2017 with a vision of Genoa that no longer included the management of the decline, as had instead happened with the previous administrators, but aimed and focuses on the growth of the city around three main vectors of economic development: port and logistics; high technology; tourism”. Marco Bucci, mayor of Genoa and government commissioner for reconstruction after the collapse of the Morandi bridge, summarizes his goals as mayor of Genoa, while aiming for re-election for a second term in 2022.

His administration found itself facing the fall of Morandi and Covid. How much of what you are doing now is the result of the push, including economic, given by the Genoa decree for the reconstruction of the bridge?
The story of the viaduct and Covid slowed down my project that started in 2017. On the other hand, when great tragedies and great changes arrive, we need to be able to find a way out; which, in the end, accelerates the path and does not slow it down. Because change generates enthusiasm, energy and gives a different way of seeing things. Genoa in this sense is an example: it has managed to do this type of path and to do it well. There are construction sites everywhere and many problems of the past are being solved.

I say the most recent: we have just inaugurated the works for the reorganization of the former Mira Lanza, closed since the 1990s, with a private investment of about 40 million; then the car park in front of the San Martino hospital, which for 15 years remained an unfinished hole and is now about to be completed with a commitment of 20 million (also private, ed); and again the former fruit and vegetable market of Corso Sardegna which, after a restructuring of about 30 million with project financing, is delivered on Saturday (with commercial and green spaces, ed). We have a very clear vision of the city: Genoa must be international, eco-sustainable, hi-tech.

However, Genoese logistics are currently heavily penalized by road infrastructures.
The motorway junction is a big problem but the Gronda di Ponente and the Fontanabuona tunnel are infrastructures that can help us.

La Gronda, however, is still blocked at Mims.
Yes, only the minister’s signature is missing: the Autostrade project is there, the areas are ready, the expropriations are all done. We can only wait for that signature.

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