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Looking for the fragrance of books in the fireworks, Jingdong Books 618 explores a new way for the growth of the book market | Jingdong Books | Jingdong |618_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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The “responsible supply chain” is full of human fireworks. In 2022, JD.com 618 has placed a total of over 379.3 billion orders, reaching a new record high and opening the first year of supply chain value. As a tool for the dissemination of culture and knowledge, books are somewhat special in the overall pattern of JD 618. The 44% growth in the peak 76 hours of JD 618 shows that JD Books has found its own growth path in this mid-year promotion. The most beautiful fireworks in the world are more beautiful than the sound of reading. Looking for the fragrance of books in the smoke of fireworks, the growth of JD Books not only provides rich books and diversified services for readers of all ages and levels, but also creates a positive atmosphere for promoting national reading and building a scholarly society.

New books, good books, popular items, spike items… Rich book categories and levels build a diversified reading panorama

Why worry? Only reading. In an environment of heightened uncertainty, more and more people open books lightly, find inspiration from reading, and use knowledge to deal with the unknown. During the 618 period, the turnover of Jingdong Books increased significantly. In the peak 76 hours of the climax period, the overall performance of Jingdong Books achieved a 44% increase. New books, good books, popular products, instant kill products… The rich book categories and levels enable JD Books to bring diversified reading scenes to hundreds of millions of readers, and promote the most beautiful reading sound to be heard in JD 618.

Bestsellers are a mirror of psychosocial needs in the field of reading. During the 618 period of JD.com, history, children’s popular science/encyclopedia, and literature ranked among the top 3 book categories with the fastest year-on-year growth in turnover. Learning from the past, history and literary works are precious accumulations of human civilization. The “historical craze” and “literary craze” that have arisen in recent years have been subtly affecting people’s work and life. Over the years, “Things in the Ming Dynasty” has accumulated a considerable reputation among readers, and because of the popularity of the Dongfang selection live broadcast room, it has reached the top of the “Top 10 Most Popular Public and Professional Books” list in the 28-hour peak of JD Books 618. Books such as “Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century”, “There’s a Canteen in the Clouds”, and “Three-Body Problems” are also popular, supported by the huge sales of history, literature, science fiction, and popular science books. Books meet the diverse reading needs and interests of readers.

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In the past two years, the segmentation pattern of the children’s book market has changed, and children’s science has become a “sweet pastry” after children’s literature and picture books. From this year’s 618 JD Books “Peak 28 Hours” list of the most popular children’s books and TOP10 study books, we can see that this trend is becoming more and more obvious. Love Mathematics Exploration (6 volumes in total)”, “DK Museum Encyclopedia”, “Kinqin Science Library Gift Box (40 volumes)”, “DK Children’s Encyclopedia Gifts (5 volumes)” and other popular science children’s books occupy the list half seat.

purchase1 free 2, read first, buy later, free e-book readingGreen Plan… Innovative services make reading more warm

This year’s JD Books 618 is not only a content event for all types of high-quality authentic books, but also an experiential consumer party where JD Books uses careful, ingenious and innovative services to make reading more warm. Since the pre-sale period of JD. service, to bring more readers a warmer book buying experience.

Fan Deng, the founder of the “Fandeng Reading” APP, purchased a set of “Historical Records” from JD.com during 618, and also received a set of “Ordinary World” at random through “buy 1 increase 2”. If you get a book that you don’t know what a surprise, he said, you can exchange it with us. “It’s a way of getting knowledge to flow.”

In order to make books and knowledge flow better and avoid books being “shelved” after purchase, JD Books also tested the new book consumption model of “read first and then buy” during the 618 period, with a 7-day trial period. Pay after the trial reading is satisfied, and 100% of the books are returned after reading the book… The warm and considerate service guarantee is the embodiment of the “customer first” value that JD.com has always adhered to.

In order to create a better reading environment for all people, “Jingdong Reading”, which focuses on digital reading, has launched heavy benefits for e-book lovers. Coupon”, which can be exchanged for 3 e-books published in Chinese for free every month. The currently open selection pool covers all e-book categories in the “Jingdong Reading” library, including a large number of popular and new books that are very popular with readers.

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From paper books to e-books, from books to digital collections, from service innovation to scene innovation, the driving force behind JD Books’ continuous innovation is the needs of readers. By constantly sensing the needs of readers, JD Books has practically implemented the concept of “customer first” to “reader first”.

From “Responsible Supply Chain” to “Scholarly Supply Chain Platform”

In order to consolidate the business base of JD Books, this spring, JD Books’ cultural and educational business has been upgraded with a focus on building a middle platform in the book supply chain. The upgraded JD Books Supply Chain Middle Office will serve not only JD Books, but also all practitioners in the book industry; at the same time, the tripartite book merchants on JD’s open platform will be fully integrated with self-operated books, and they will gain more, more balanced development space.

In this JD 618, JD Books’ supply chain middle platform, as an integral part of JD’s “responsible supply chain”, has played an important role, not only ensuring the smooth operation of its own business, but also bringing business, industry and partners. More increments have been achieved and a win-win situation has been achieved.

In order to bring a good experience to readers, during the 618 period of JD.com, JD.com actively allocated resources on the whole site, mobilized the enthusiasm of the industry and partners, and set up ten marketing strategies such as “pre-sale carnival, festival click-through, and product layering”. Cover the entire sales cycle and all marketing scenarios. With the support of the middle office of the book supply chain, all marketing actions were completed smoothly, which promoted the increase in the turnover of various publishing institutions and book stores.

In 24 hours, a total of 447 book stores achieved a year-on-year doubling of the turnover; in the peak 28 hours, a total of 412 book stores achieved a year-on-year doubling of the turnover. Whether it is remote areas such as Tibet and Qinghai, or eastern coastal areas such as Tianjin and Shanghai, there has been a large increase in transaction value. From 8 p.m. on June 15 to 8 p.m. on June 16, within 24 hours of the start of the climax period of JD.com’s 618, the opening of the supply chain brought book turnover increased by 14 times year-on-year.

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It is worth mentioning that on the Book Category Day on May 31, the turnover of books from Shanghai increased by 61% year-on-year, leading the growth rate in all provinces and regions across the country. It can be seen that material life and spiritual life are equally important. During the supply guarantee period in Shanghai, despite the huge demand for the delivery of civilian materials, JD.com still specially arranged for the logistics of 20,000 books per day. The Shanghai Supply Guarantee Warehouse located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, where the staff lived and ate for more than a month to ensure the supply of books in Shanghai, and also allocated books from Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other places to support Shanghai.

Zhang Wei, head of the cultural and educational business of JD Books, said, “The content of the book industry is very strong, and JD Books hopes to work closely with more publishers and distributors to truly match consumers with different needs with book content and make book content better. Present it to readers. With the improvement of JD Books in terms of socialization efficiency and supply chain, we will jointly make the book industry stronger and better.”

Rafting in the sea of ​​books, all walks go far. JD Books not only hopes to become a trusted friend of many readers, but also a trusted friend and trusted partner of many institutions and businesses in the book industry. In order to better meet the increasingly diversified reading needs of readers and provide readers with a more diverse and warm reading experience, JD Books will rely on JD’s “responsible supply chain” to further work with partners to continue to open up books. The upstream and downstream channel resources of the industry strive to make greater contributions to promoting national reading and building a scholarly society.

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