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Los Angeles 2021 Motor Show, the first real post-Covid car review is underway

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Seven is the Hyundai concept that anticipates the SUV

The concept exhibited in Los Angeles anticipates the design and many of the technological innovations that will equip the future fully electric SUV of the Ioniq family, the brand dedicated exclusively to Hyundai’s electric vehicles. The aesthetic innovations are combined with interiors characterized by an unprecedented style for Hyundai that incorporates numerous architectural reasons such as to configure the model that will result in an authentic sport utility vehicles with a premium style DNA. The powertrain available will derive from that used by the Ioniq 5, the first of three new battery-powered models.

EV9 Kia’s seven-seater super suv

The new model continues on the path taken by Kia to become a leading brand in sustainable mobility. Following the launch of EV6, the EV9 concept represents the compelling look at the future direction of 100% electric SUVs that combine progressive design, cutting-edge technology and an advanced all-electric powertrain in a highly technological offering. If the external shapes suggest contemporary lines, the passenger compartment has been designed to offer the driver and passengers a large interior space. The resulting SUV will be on the market starting in 2026.

With the Solterra Subaru made their debut in the electric

The dimensions are those of a medium-large model and therefore with a length of 469, a height of 186 cm and a height of 165 cm, to which is added a weight of 2,295 kg. Since the Solterra was born from a shared project, it is very similar to the Toyota bZ4X with which, in fact, it shares both the platform and the mechanics. The battery is placed directly in the floor, with a structural function, to ensure optimal use of the space inside. The Solterra will go on sale in Europe in 2022.

Cars can also be tested in LA

In the program of the Los Angeles Motor Show there is also space for dynamic start-ups alongside already established car manufacturers who will offer 10 days full of road tests, preview vehicles, customized and extravagant cars, completely zero-emission vehicles. new, interactive activations and unique experiences. It is in fact possible to test vehicles from major manufacturers such as Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, Subaru and Toyota on the road. Another of the opportunities offered by the Californian exhibition, one of the most popular attractions by the public.

It is the exhibition that has always been attentive to ecological issues

Founded way back in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show is North American’s first major auto show to take place annually and is widely recognized as one of the most influential events globally. Not to mention that its geographical location allows Los Angeles residents to see up close, especially premium car models, the most popular in the urban area of ​​central California. It also stands out as an important global platform for both technology and innovation, two strategic items for the automotive sector.

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