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Lynk & Co 01: the road test of the plug-in hybrid suv that is used by subscription like Netflix

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It is an absolute novelty and curiosity is not lacking. 01 represents the first model of the Lynk and Co brand, born in 2016 by the Chinese group Geely, to which the well-known Swedish brand Volvo also belongs since 2010.
A Lynk & Co car brand has not made itself known primarily for its cars, but rather for the business model that revolutionizes the concept of car use, from ownership to access by providing a car sharing platform with Netflix or Spotify-style monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. But now it is also time, finally, to try the “auto product” created by the brand.

Volvo technology is well present

Thanks to belonging to the Geely group, the new brand has been able to draw on the research and development carried out over the years by Volvo. The base, the platform, is the Cma (Compact Modular Architecture), the same used on the compact SUV XC40. The powertrain is made in Sweden while the car is made in China. The dimensions are compact, 4.54m long, 1.86m wide and with a wheelbase of 2.73m. The compact SUV 01 is available with only one top-of-the-range trim with 20-inch wheels (for the Phev version) and it is possible to choose between two body colors, black and blue.


Life on board

The interior of 01 is characterized by the quality of the materials (such as the seats in recycled material), the well-finished finishes and the technology. There are two large screens present: the 12.3-inch digital dashboard and the 12.7-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. The 01 was built on the assumption that all options are standard. That is: panoramic sunroof, large touchscreen, wireless charging for mobile phones, online navigation, WiFi hotspot, intelligent parking assistance system, personal cloud settings and much more.

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The only things the member has to choose are the color (black or blue) and the type of hybrid engine (with or without connector). And given how important sharing is for Lynk & Co, why not share some memories as well? With the built-in camera you can take selfies or capture the panorama from the car. The images are uploaded directly to your phone, so you can easily post them on your favorite social networks.

Motorization: petrol plus electric

The 180 hp (132 kW) 1.5-liter supercharged petrol three-cylinder engine is combined with a 60 kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery positioned in the center of the 17.6 kWh platform which guarantees an autonomy in the mixture of approximately 69 km, according to the Wltp homologation cycle. The drive is front and the transmission is automatic, double clutch, seven speeds. The maximum speed is 210 km / h and the starting point 0-100 km / h is covered in just 8 seconds.

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