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Ma Weidu’s Douyin 818 found that the live broadcast room of the good things festival shows the new charm of “old objects” jqknews

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Ma Weidu’s Douyin 818 found that the live broadcast room of the good things festival shows the new charm of “old objects” jqknews

Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival“It is in full swing, and the Douyin e-commerce jewelry and luxury industry is also rapidly breaking through the circle during this period, showing full vitality. On August 15, Ma Weidu, a celebrity in the collection industry, launched a live broadcast at the Douyin 818 Discovery Goods Festival to help Netizens shared their knowledge of Wenwan. Surprisingly, Ma Weidu also invited his friend, Yu Qian, a famous cross talk actor, to be a guest in the live broadcast room. In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, the two old Beijingers combined the charm of traditional Wenwan with the Chinese people. The deep emotional link of the story is eloquently described, attracting millions of netizens to watch and discuss.

During the 7-hour live broadcast in the afternoon and evening sessions, the two celebrities talked about culture and gave fans a lot of knowledge. From the old Beijing’s affection for jasmine tea to the interesting story of Yixing’s selection of purple clay pots; from the meticulous and refined taste of tea ordering in the Song Dynasty to the beauty of the utensils built with the new concept; from the legend of ancient beasts to the fun of “playing incense seals”…everything Fans can’t help but sigh about the breadth and depth of China‘s thousand-year-old traditional culture. In addition, in the one-yuan purchase of benefits, “Master Ma” and “Brother Qian” also conducted intuitive quizzes such as the submersion test of bracelets, and took a “reassuring pill” for users who like Wenwan accessories . This wonderful live broadcast not only has a nostalgia for the old times, but also explores the “trendy charm” of traditional lifestyles and accessories in the modern fast-paced life, allowing more and more consumers to learn about its historical evolution. , cultural precipitation, and in-depth understanding of inheritance and innovation, so as to fall in love with the literary play that condenses traditional culture, own the literary play, decorate the daily bits and pieces with traditional cultural elements, and improve the quality of life.

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All of this stems from the consistent support and assistance of Douyin e-commerce for “domestic products”. In this Douyin 818 Discovery of Good Things Festival, in addition to cultural celebrities like Ma Weidu, fashion celebrity Hu Bing also continued to broadcast for 7 hours on August 16, sharing second-hand luxury products and leading a quality life… The platform celebrity effect gathers to help The jewelry fashion luxury industry has achieved traffic aggregation, and at the same time, it has also improved user trust with its professional background, creating a brand image of “good”, “interesting” and “true” in the Douyin e-commerce jewelry fashion luxury industry.

Ma Weidu's Douyin 818 found that the live broadcast room of the big coffee of the Good Things Festival shows the new charm of

In addition, in order to fully demonstrate the cultural atmosphere and implication of the jewelry trendy luxury industry that does not diminish over time, the Douyin e-commerce jewelry trendy luxury industry has also launched various topical games, live broadcast room games and other forms of traffic support to attract outstanding talents , High-quality merchants explain the “new look” of gold jewelry, jewelry, entertainment, tea and other industries through short videos, live broadcasts, etc., as well as the unknown “contrast”, highlighting the inherent characteristics of the jewelry fashion luxury industry and the trend The advancing consumption trend has stimulated the continuous vitality of this industry. From August 6th to August 18th, the Douyin e-commerce jewelry trendy luxury industry brought together high-quality brands in the gold jewelry industry such as Chow Tai Sang and Chow Tai Fook to give consumers benefits such as membership redemption, full gifts, and limited-time discounts; Master Bai, Popular merchants such as China Tea and Daguanshuoji share seasonal tea drinking methods, elegant tea utensils and tea sets for users; Maizi Family, an excellent merchant in the jade and jade category, immerses users in the form of Xinjiang characteristic dance performances, anchor drag shows, etc. Experience the ethnic customs of Xinjiang, so as to better understand the cultural connotation of jewelry; the flagship store of high-quality merchants in the wood composition toy category invited famous artists from Xiling and the Chinese Calligraphy Association to make live creations on the spot. Feel the aesthetic art of famous Xiling masters.

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With the help of a large number of interesting content, the jewelry trendy luxury category has completed the transition from traditional to “modern”, from “old objects” to “trends”. The “traditional” category, which seems to have accumulated thousands of years of history, has been able to escape the niche and achieved a “renaissance” in people’s daily consumption, becoming a “new treasure” that consumers are widely concerned about. For users, they can receive the content of their interest pushed by the Douyin platform through technology and operations, so as to realize independent browsing and quick selection. Under the main topic of #818 Discovering new treasures, users can watch, Shop, buy, and harvest your own beautiful life at your fingertips. For Douyin e-commerce merchants, especially for the original “niche” jewelry fashion luxury industry merchants, their whole process participates in all aspects of Douyin’s global interest e-commerce, and through the creation of high-quality content, they can achieve brand exposure and Diversify business needs, so as to achieve incremental sales. Douyin e-commerce jewelry trendy luxury industry is continuing to be guided by social value and ecological value, giving full play to its own content advantages, technical advantages, and operational advantages to help users, the industry, and businesses.

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