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Made in Italy, food and pharma push exports. Only the car is on the pole

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Made in Italy, food and pharma push exports.  Only the car is on the pole

Fifty-six billion more, a widespread growth in almost all markets and which involves, excluding the car, every sector of our manufacturing. In the first half of the year the balance of the made in Italy is particularly positive, a progress of over 22% confirmed by the performance of June. Month slowing down compared to the previous period (-2.1%) but still in double-digit progress on an annual basis for the eighth consecutive period, bringing the sequence of monthly progress to 16: to find the last minus sign, it is necessary to return in February 2021.

Sales in the world largely linked to the increase in prices made necessary to buffer the price increases of raw materials, energy and components, an effect that translates into the Istat surveys of June in an increase of almost 24% in unit values ​​with volumes down by 2.1%, while quantities increased by two percentage points in the half year. Evident inflationary drive but never given away or automatic, with Italian companies having to deal in negotiations to increase price lists with increasingly wider international competition, whose costs, primarily in energy, do not rise with the same force compared to to the Italian ones.

National exports thus reached 306 billion in the first six months, 56 more than in the same period of 2021, which in absolute values ​​had represented the new record. If last year sales were equal to 516 billion, taking as a reference the last 12 mobile months (July 2021 – June 2022) Italy is already at 572: at this rate the threshold of 600 billion in 2022 is a target not unreasonable.

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Also taking into account a growth so far unanimous, which in sectoral terms does not register a single negative sign in the month: the only sector at stake is represented by cars, up by only 3.3%.

From a geographical point of view, progress is equally widespread, developed almost equally both on non-EU markets and in Europe, starting with our two key markets, France and Germany, both growing by more than 15%.

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