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Made in Italy record nell’agroalimentare

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There is a Made in Italy sector that does not fear crises like that of microchips and records a jump in exports of 12.2%: it is the agri-food sector, which provides for a historic record of 52 billion euros in sales abroad. in the entire year 2021. This is what emerges from Coldiretti’s analysis on the basis of Istat data relating to foreign trade in September 2021. A result that arrives despite the difficulties of commercial exchanges and the lockdown in all continents of the catering industry which has heavily Italian cuisine was struck, but also by the unbearable spread of imitations of Italian products in all continents. The Covid health emergency – observes Coldiretti – has favored a healthy change in consumers at a global level, favoring the choice in the cart of products that are allies of well-being such as those of the Mediterranean diet. Among the main customers of Made in Italy at the table there are, in order, Germany, the United States, France and the United Kingdom (where however sales in the first nine months of the year were down due to the difficulties related to Brexit, between customs procedures and the increase in transport costs due to delays and greater controls).

The Made in Italy agri-food system will be at the center of the XIX International Forum of Agriculture and Food, organized by Coldiretti with the collaboration of The European House – Ambrosetti studio, which moves for this year to Villa Miani in Rome from Thursday 18 on Friday 19 November with leading experts, commentators, and exponents of the academic world as well as institutional representatives, heads of social, economic, financial and political forces at home and abroad. Over the two days, with the presence of prestigious national and international guests, topics related to the environment, health and the economy will be addressed with spaces for in-depth study and the presentation of targeted surveys, research and exhibitions. This year’s edition starts at 9.30 tomorrow Thursday 18 November with the press conference to present the Coldiretti / Censis Report on the eating habits of Italians in the post Covid and the new census of the national food and wine heritage with the exhibition of specialties saved from the pandemic.

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