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“Magnolab”, the challenge of online companies to innovate

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A network of textile companies with different and complementary roles in the supply chain with the aim of collaborating to develop innovation, research and projects related to sustainability and the circular economy. It is called Magnolab and was born from the desire of some Biellese companies to team up to face new challenges and concretely respond to the needs of today and tomorrow: they are Marchi & Fildi, Filidea, Tintoria Finissaggio 2000, Maglificio Maggia, De Martini Bayart and Textifibra and Di.Vé who, sharing goals, initiative and foresight, strongly believe in synergistic work. A physical network of pilot plants will be created with Magnolab, which will be installed in a single site in Cerrione, in the Magnonevolo district, where it will be possible to collaboratively develop innovative products and processes with rapid testing cycles, according to a lean management model. , or a leaner management.

The ambitious project envisages a strategic investment plan of a total of 10 million euros aimed at the purchase of cutting-edge machinery and the development of a circular economy system, on a prototype scale, which, starting from discarded garments and subsequently processed in fractions textiles, makes it possible to obtain fibers and yarns to be transformed back into fabrics. Magnolab will be a unique context in which to create prototypes to present to future customers and find solutions in terms of products and processes, to be transferred directly to the partners’ plants and then proceed with scale production. The network of pilot plants will represent the main links in the textile supply chain, such as fiber preparation, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and digital printing and will remain open to collaboration with new partners. Magnolab, a 360-degree innovation hub, has the characteristics to apply as a unique reality in Europe, a model of collaboration between different realities, a pilot industrial environment, an innovation accelerator, a privileged place for research, for the growth of skills and human resources.

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