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Manchester City-Inter 1-0 goals at Haaland. Champions League in quota Guardiola!

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Manchester City-Inter 1-0 goals at Haaland.  Champions League in quota Guardiola!

Haaland and Lautaro Martinez protagonists of the Champions League final Manchester City-Intr (photo Lapresse)

Manchester City-Inter, for bookmakers the Champions League final in the sign of Haaland

The Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City? There is no hope for the boomakers: it will be won by Pep Guardiola’s team. The success of the champions of England and winners of the FA (it would be Treble if the Big Ears Cup arrives too) in fact, it is quoted between 1.40 and 1.50 by the various brokers (Snai, Sisal, Betfair, Bet365 to name a few): Translated: if you bet one euro you win 40-50 cents. Inter knocking out Haaland and teammates? The odds skyrocket: for Snai we are at 6.50 against 1 (so put in a euro and you win 6.5), Betfair even rises to 7, while showing a little more optimism Sisal who gives Lautaro and his companions to 6. The odds of the draw (which would take the teams to extra time and possibly the penalty lottery)? We are on 4.75.

Snai then sees a 1-0 draw as the most probable result for the Manchester City-Inter final (at 7.25), followed by 2-0 (7.50), 2-1 (8.50) and 3 -0 or 3-1 (12 times the initial bet).

Manchester City-Inter overtime and penalties

The odds for Inter to win rise even higher in the scoreboard on how to win: success in extra time pays 18 times the bet, that on penalties 15. City champions of Europe in the 120 minutes instead is worth 8.25, on penalties 12. Finally, in the head-to-head on who will lift the trophy, Guardiola’s team it collapses to 1.25, with Inzaghi at 4.00. Difficult, but not impossible.

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Manchester City-Inter gol: chi segna? Haaland

There is so much Manchester City at the top of the blackboard of possible final scorers: he dominates, and it couldn’t be the other way around, Erling Haaland, with a goal by the Norwegian at 1.70. Behind the giant top scorer of the Champions League there are Alvarez e Mahrez (3.25), Foden (3.75) and De Bruyne (at 4).

Manchester City-Inter 0-1 goals from Lautaro Martinez? The odds for a Nerazzurri Champions League

Abandon all hope you who enter with the Inter shirt in front of the giant Manchester City? It’s not for sure.

The best odds of a pro-Nerazurri final score? It is 0-1 which with one euro would bring 18, then 1-2 (at 22 against 1). Already a 2-0 victory by Lautaro and his companions is worth 45 against 1.

And for those who perhaps dream of a 1-0 win for Inter, Lautaro Martinez is the man of destiny. In fact, Snai predicts the goal to unlock the 4-man Champions League final.

In short, the bookmakers’ odds give Manchester City the first Champions League in history (Guardiola’s third as a coach) and Inter sadly defeated. But who knows, sometimes brokers make mistakes…

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