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Maneuver 2022, Draghi convenes the control room on pensions

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Ok to the “Superbonus” for another six months and to the hypothesis of a “Quota 102” to reach retirement, but only for 2022. According to what we learn from the news out of the control room which ended after more than three hours at Palazzo Chigi, this would be the line that emerged from the government. The proposals are those made by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, who discussed with the majority forces and Prime Minister Mario Draghi in view of the Council of Ministers on the maneuver planned for tomorrow.

The 110% Superbonus would therefore be confirmed for another six months, which would also apply to single-family homes and for the whole of 2022. A “ceiling” for owners with Isee up to 25 thousand euros has been introduced. The measure should be renewed for the whole of next year, but with a percentage at 60% compared to that of 90% it has today.

Pensions knot

The most complex game of today was precisely that of pensions: “Continue the dialogue with the social partners on this issue and also on the tax authorities” is the request that, according to what is learned from some sources present at the meeting, held court during the course of the control room. During the confrontation between the government and the members of the majority, the hypothesis of a 102 quota for pensions emerged, ie the possibility of leaving work with 64 years of age and 38 of contributions. Regarding the reform, there was talk of setting up an ad hoc fund to accompany workers who would end up being penalized by the change in requirements. Also for the Woman Option, the pension for dependent and self-employed women workers, according to what has emerged, should be extended to 2022. News also on the social Ape, which should expand to new categories of heavy work.

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The comment of the pentastellato leader Giuseppe Conte arrived on Twitter: «As we had asked, the extension of the Superbonus will also be extended to single-family units. The measure devised by the 5 Star Movement is estimated to be worth 12 billion GDP and 150 thousand jobs a year. It means growth and sustainability ».

Before the meeting, the unions expressed themselves skeptically: «We have no news of scheduled meetings. We are confident that the Government, which knows our priorities well, will retrace its steps, reflect and ensure shared responses to the issues we have presented “echoes the CISL Secretary General, Luigi Sbarra, announcing” mobilization initiatives “if the situation does not to change.

Income Reform

Another heavy issue on Draghi’s bench was that of Citizenship Income: “There is still work to be done”, was the comment of some prominent sources of the M5S during the meeting, regarding the “restyling” proposed by Minister Franco on the income. Sources present at the meeting told beraking latest news that the head of the M5S delegation, Stefano Patuanelli, would have said that “yes, the spirit of the changes is the right one”, but that the Movement reserves the right to “evaluate the overall balance” of the changes made. The changes under consideration are those relating to the reduction in the allowance based on the second rejected job offer. The scheme, for the M5S, is “to be deepened and reviewed”.

Forza Italia, on the other hand, has the opposite opinion, for which a profound income reform is essential. The position of the blue team was remarked in the control room by Minister Brunetta, in line with the proposal made by Mef and Minister Franco: “We need rigor, we cannot afford to waste resources that would be more useful if aimed at cutting taxes for companies and workers ”, Forza Italia’s reasoning.

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Stop definitivo al cashback

After the ‘suspension’, the measure to incentivize electronic money should not be renewed. We are therefore moving towards a definitive cancellation of the cashback, a decision that “has never been under discussion”, was reported at the end of the meeting. The resources to cover the cashback – 1.5 billion – will be allocated to the reform of the social safety nets for which 3 billion in all are allocated.

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