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Maneuver, majority amendment to reset the culture bonus for 18 year olds. Funds poured into shows and books

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Maneuver, majority amendment to reset the culture bonus for 18 year olds.  Funds poured into shows and books

ROMA – Repeal the cultural bonus for 18 year olds and with the funds saved, 230 million a year, finance a myriad of other expenses. Take away the app for kids to buy books and concert tickets and support a series of other more ‘traditional’ initiatives: the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconii historic carnivalsthe recall of “The Pinwheel” of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, the creation of a Victorian Foundation. The proposal comes from the full majority. The monstrous amendment to the budget law, of no less than 29 paragraphs, is signed by the representatives of three majority parties: Federico Mollicone (Fdi), Rossano Sasso (Lega) and Rita Dalla Chiesa (FI).

Maneskin, fund for grandparents and discount on washing machines: the majority parties are attacking the manoeuvre

by Giuseppe Colombo

The 18-year-old app, created by Renzi and then renewed over the years to allow kids to spend on purchases of books, music, shows, had been transformed by the Draghi government into a structural measure, financed with 230 million a year. Now the center-right majority wants a clean slate. Cancel the measure and spend on something else.

From the increase of the Temporary Economic Support Fund (SET) for workers in the entertainment industry, to the establishment of a “Book Fund” at the ministry of culture (with 15 million annually). There are 5 million for historical carnivals, 1 million for choirs, festivals and musical bands and 1 million for the creation of a Vittoriano Foundation, to manage and enhance the Vittoriano complex in Rome. Among the proposals, there is also the recruitment of 750 people to the ministry.

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The reactions: Renzi launches a petition

The amendment alarms the opposition. Protest already Maria Elena Boschi, minister of the then Renzi government: “The eighteen-year-old bonus has increased cultural consumption and helped many young people to be aware citizens, it is copied throughout Europe. Canceling it today would be madness. Meloni blocks this own goal”. The former premier himself launches a petition: “For me it is a very serious mistake – he writes Renzi on Twitter citing the amendment – Anyone who believes that cutting back on culture is a mistake, sign and share this petition”. Also on social media, the former minister Dario Franceschini he adds: “An amendment by the majority resets the #app18. An absurd thing after France, Spain and Germany have introduced a #bonuscultura explicitly inspired by ours. The government should back off and not cut culture”. It is also felt the M5S, with the representatives of the Culture commissions of the two houses of Parliament: “The damage would be enormous, because the resources covering this instrument were stabilized in the last budget law and sector operators are counting on those revenues. After the pandemic, the the cultural sector must be supported with measures that unfold over time, especially in this phase of energy crisis and generalized decline in consumption.In the electoral campaign Giorgia Meloni said verbatim “everything has been taken away from young people, the right to education, to sociality, to sports. It is our responsibility to give back to the kids what has been taken away from them”. And instead it is she who takes away resources for young people”.

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