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Maneuver, Saturday 18 the CISL demonstration: “Responsibility in the square”

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MILANO – Against the government but also against the strike. There Cisl is preparing to take to the streets to demonstrate against the maneuver on Saturday 18 December, while reiterating its opposition to the general strike proclaimed by CGIL and UIL. “For development, work, cohesion: responsibility takes to the streets”, is the title of what is called “a responsible and constructive national demonstration that aims to improve the contents of the maneuver and to commit the Government to stringent economic priorities and social relations without setting fire to social and industrial relations “. The initiative, decided today by the executive committee of the Confederation in via Po, will take place in Piazza Santi Apostoli.

Landini: “The parties have blocked Draghi”

by Roberto Mania

“The strike is not the right way: it is necessary to solidify the dialogue with the Government, without giving up the tools of the trade union initiative but in the awareness that in this delicate phase of national history we need cohesion, responsibility and social participation. CISL relaunches its action, inside and outside the perimeter of the Maneuver, urging the Government to accelerate the tax and social security reform with concerted interventions that prioritize the needs of the weaker groups “, writes the CISL. “System responses, unity of purpose and action are needed to respond to a well-defined social agenda in the themes of stable and quality employment, training, combating inflation, restarting wages and all incomes, industrial policies, social and territorial cohesion, participatory government of investments and PNRR projects. Chapters to be included in an organic and concerted framework, with shared reforms, towards a new season of growth and cohesion that does not exclude nobody”.

The CGIL-UIL strike displaces the left. Read: “We need unity”

by Giovanna Casadio

“The advances achieved this month by trade union action in the Budget Law are significant and positive – reads the union’s note -, integrating many of our claims on social safety nets, lower taxes on workers and pensioners, health care and public contracts. non self-sufficiency, social policies, high bills fund. We believe these steps are fundamental, as are the Government’s commitments to open discussions to overcome the rigidity of the Fornero Law and to accelerate the opening of the discussion of the overall reform of the tax system. even the last gray areas and further improve Budget law on work, school, industrial policies, high bills, employment of young people and women “.


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