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Manufacturing PMI rebounded in August, consumer goods manufacturing continued to grow rapidly

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This newspaper, Beijing, September 1 (Reporter Du Haitao) The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the Service Industry Survey Center of the National Bureau of Statistics recently released that China’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) in August was 49.4%, an increase of 0.4 points from the previous month. percentage points, the economic operation showed a trend of slowing down and stabilizing. Changes in sub-indices showed that the production activities of enterprises remained stable, the prices of raw materials and finished products continued to decline, and the manufacturing industry of consumer goods continued to grow rapidly.

From the perspective of 13 sub-indices, compared with the previous month, new orders index, new export order index, backlog order index, purchase volume index, import index, purchase price index, ex-factory price index, raw material inventory index, employment index The index of production and business activity expectations increased by 0.1 to 4.4 percentage points; the production index remained unchanged; the finished product inventory index and the supplier delivery time index decreased, with an index decrease of 2.8 and 0.6 percentage points, respectively.

Analysts pointed out that the PMI index rose slightly in August, indicating that the forces supporting the economic recovery began to strengthen. The order index has rebounded, indicating that market demand has begun to pick up; the purchase volume, import volume, price index and other indexes have rebounded, indicating that the production of enterprises has shown a recovery trend, and the expectations for the future have begun to improve. It is necessary to scientifically and comprehensively coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, unswervingly implement various policies and measures to help enterprises and respond to triple pressures, and make every effort to consolidate the foundation for economic recovery.

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The production of enterprises is running steadily, and the market supply is relatively stable. In August, despite the impact of high temperature weather and the spread of the epidemic on production operations in some areas, with the continuous recovery of the domestic industrial chain and supply chain, the manufacturing production environment continued to improve, and the production activities of enterprises remained stable. The production index was 49.8%, unchanged from the previous month. After entering the third quarter, the stability of production has also led to the stabilization of the operation of the raw material side and the employment side. The purchasing volume index and employment index in August were 49.2% and 48.9% respectively, both up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month.

“People’s Daily” (page 10 on September 2, 2022)

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