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Marche: 2.2 million tender for innovation and energy saving of cooperatives

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Marche: 2.2 million tender for innovation and energy saving of cooperatives

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European funds provide economic support for cooperatives in the Marche region that focus on innovation, digitalisation and energy efficiency. These are the objectives of the tender promoted by the Region and financed with over 2.2 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to enhance small entrepreneurial activities that operate mainly in small towns and villages.

The focus is on energy efficiency and innovation

«Cooperative businesses mainly need to adapt their production and organizational systems to modern technologies in terms of efficiency, development of digital applications, energy-environmental sustainability, safety and health in the workplace – we read in the preamble to the announcement -. In particular, it has become essential to intervene to reduce energy costs, through investments in technological-production innovation with a positive impact on energy consumption”. Furthermore, “it is essential to innovate production systems, with the introduction of digital technologies in production, commercial and organizational processes”. The call finances business development projects of type A cooperatives with almost 1.4 million euros, which concern innovation investments, the modernization of existing plants and production sites, including digital applications and new energy efficient solutions, safe and sustainable.

Another 745 thousand euros are intended for type B cooperative projects for the creation of new production units, by existing micro, small and medium-sized cooperatives, or for the establishment and activation of new entities.

Small towns are favoured

Special attention is given to small towns. The announcement guarantees priority to cooperative businesses that set up in villages or municipalities with fewer than 5 thousand inhabitants. The resources available, in this case, are equal to 100 thousand euros.

For the Region, the role of small cooperative businesses is important to guarantee distributed development in the territory, “root small and large production chains, make services and employment opportunities available”.

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