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Maria Chiara Carrozza president of the CNR, is the first time for a woman

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – The Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, has appointed Maria Chiara Carrozza president of the National Research Council (CNR), who will be in office for the next four years. “I want to wish the new president good work and I thank the president Massimo Inguscio for the great work he has done in recent years”, said the minister Messa. “With this appointment, the CNR returns to being fully in its organizational and managerial functions, as well as scientific. The role that this body will be called to play in the coming years – he added – will be strategic for the growth of the whole country and for the international competitiveness: it will have to be a real engine, transversally on many issues and sectors, to enhance and bring out the many potentialities that exist in the Italian research system “. Maria Chiara Carrozza, 56, is full professor of Industrial Bioengineering. He directs and conducts research in the fields of biorobotics, biomechatronics, neuro-engineering and rehabilitation of which he is one of the main exponents. She was Minister of Education, University and Research (2013-2014), parliamentarian of the Republic, (XVII legislature), member of the Board of Piaggio. He is scientific director of the Ircss Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Foundation. “I am happy and excited for the appointment as president of the CNR. I thank the Minister of Mass and the Selection Committee for the trust placed in my person”, underlined Carrozza. “Being the first woman to lead the most important and largest research center in the country is an unprecedented challenge and responsibility. But also a change of pace and perspective. I trust in the help and collaboration of all the researchers of the “The body, on their precious undisputed skills and their enthusiasm. Together – he concluded – we must bring research to the center of social, economic and political attention, the only driving force for the reconstruction of the country and the future of young people”. (ITALPRESS). sat / com 12-Apr-21 16:07

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