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Maria Elena Boschi on Mps and Banca Etruria: ‘the press and the politicians knew the truth’

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In her highly anticipated speech at the eleventh edition of “Leopolda”, the kermesse organized by the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, underway in Florence, Maria Elena Boschi, group leader of Italia Viva (IV) in the Chamber, also spoke about the cases of Mps and the crash of the Banca Etruria.

Thus, according to what the Vista Agency reports:

“I have been massacred for years and there are specific responsibilities: the political leaders are the ones who profited from this, the populists. What was the truth, the press knew and the politicians who reduced MPS in the conditions in which they know it. it is, and they are the same ones on the left who waged war inside and out, D’Alema and his friends “.

Speaking of the collapse of the Banca Etruria, Boschi launched a thrust against “the Casalino and Di Maio mud machine, done voluntarily and consciously”.

“It was easier to talk about a small local bank of which my father (Pier Luigi Boschi) was president for a few months now he is out of court, but my figure is irretrievably compromised”, Boschi underlined.

“We have suffered the mud machine, for years! But they have not done anything to us. We are still here, with our heads held high, and we will never give up!”, Wrote Maria Elena Boschi on Twitter, posting her speech to The Leopolda.

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