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Mate 50+ Beidou Huawei Mobile Phone Breakthrough Road | Huawei | Mate50_Sina Technology_Sina Network

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Mate 50+ Beidou Huawei Mobile Phone Breakthrough Road | Huawei | Mate50_Sina Technology_Sina Network

Source: Beijing Business Daily

On September 6, the Huawei Mate 50 series and full-scenario conference was officially held. At this conference, Huawei released a number of new products such as the Mate 50 series of mobile phones. Judging from this conference, Huawei still showed a certain degree of resilience on the C side. The Mate 50 released this time has become the first popular smartphone to support Beidou satellites. Under the shrinking consumer electronics market and external sanctions, Huawei is planning a way out.

  Equipped with new Beidou products, it can “pierce the sky”

From the launch of Huawei Mate 1 in 2013 to the Mate 40 in 2020, the Mate series will bring new products almost every year. However, after a series of disturbances such as external sanctions and tight chip production capacity, there will be no new Mate series in 2021. The release of the 50 particularly attracted the attention of the market.

The newly released Huawei Mate 50 is blessed with many black technologies. In terms of communication, the feature of Mate 50 supporting Beidou satellite news has attracted much attention; in terms of system, Huawei Mate 50 is equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 3.0; at the same time, as Huawei’s traditional Strengths, Huawei has formed a self-contained mobile imaging technology by building the four technical bases of “light, machine, electricity, and computing”, and launched Huawei’s imaging brand XMAGE. Although Mate 50 does not support 5G due to sanctions, there are many Viewpoints say that having so many superior performances may make up for this regret.

As the first popular smartphone to support Beidou satellite news, the Mate 50 further “literates” the signal coverage. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Terminal Business Group, said that the core capability of smartphones is communication. The communication capabilities of traditional smartphones need to rely on communication base stations. There are communication dead spots where there are no base stations. In order to break through these communication dead ends, Huawei Mate 50 series mobile phones support Beidou. Satellite news, users can also send text and location information for help through the Changlian App in extreme environments such as desert no-man’s land, offshore distress, earthquake rescue and other extreme environments without ground network signal coverage, and can generate track maps from multiple locations .

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  Say goodbye to Leica-powered cars

In terms of camera functions, Mate 50 has also achieved a breakthrough. The new series of new products are officially separated from Leica Imaging, and its self-developed imaging brand “XMAGE” adopts domestic and self-developed new technologies. The variable aperture is one of its highlights. This function can realize freely adjustable light and change the amount of incoming light, so that the photo performance of the mobile phone in low light environment will be greatly improved. In fact, as early as 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 was equipped with Through the design of variable aperture, there are two levels of F1.5/F2.4 adjustable, and now the main camera of Huawei Mate 50 series can achieve a continuous 10-stop aperture change from F1.4 to F4.0, which is better than similar products. One chip.

The surprise brought by HarmonyOS 3.0 lies in the “hyperspace storage compression technology“, which saves up to 20GB of free space on a mobile phone with 256GB of storage space by deduplicating duplicate files and compressing infrequently used files. More than 2000 photos can be saved. At the same time, HarmonyOS 3.0 also significantly improves the security of mobile phones. Relying on the upgraded pure mode and privacy center, the Mate 50 series can realize AI intelligent privacy protection and identify high-risk applications in mobile phones. Monitor app permission behavior.

In fact, the role of HarmonyOS 3.0 is more than that. For a long time, Huawei has been planning to empower many fields through HarmonyOS. For example, Huawei, which claims to “do not build cars”, uses HarmonyOS to create intelligent central control for cars and launch a new energy vehicle brand. AITO competes in the market. At this conference, the AITO brand released the first smart luxury pure electric SUV “AITO M5 EV”. Yu Chengdong said that with the arrival of the M5 EV, it will meet the needs of the M5 and M7 together with the M5. Personalized travel needs of more people.

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  Perseverance under pressure

From the perspective of industry insiders, whether it is Huawei’s multiple innovations in mobile phones, or its involvement in the hot new energy vehicle track, or even the launch of smart speakers, smart door locks and other products, to a large extent it is for external sanctions and a sluggish market. Under the two “blockers”, a way to break through is opened up.

Industry observer Hong Shibin said that the lack of 5G chips has indeed created an obstacle that cannot be ignored. Although the 5G mobile phone case can allow 4G mobile phones to have 5G networks, it will make the mobile phone thicker and heavier and shorten the standby time, which is obviously different from the 5G bare metal. It may affect the choices of some consumers, which also requires Huawei to improve other aspects of performance to make up for the shortcomings.

Specifically, although 5G communication is widely used in the industrial field, mobile phone users do not have obvious feelings about 4G and 5G. Compared with chip power consumption and processing speed, functions such as screen, camera, and satellite navigation are obviously more intuitive. This is also where the Mate 50 makes its strength. More importantly, in the era of the Internet of Everything, mobile phones will still be the “hub” of various smart terminals for a long time. Under the pressure, Huawei continues to develop high-end mobile phone market. To a large extent, it is also consolidating its own ecology. The Huawei Smart Door Lock SE, Huawei Sound Joy, and Sound X smart speakers released this time are the embodiment of this idea.

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Nowadays, the shrinking global consumer electronics market is also a challenge that Huawei must face. Home appliance industry observer Xu Yiqiang pointed out that although the market has entered a downward cycle, under the big cycle of the industry, the company’s new technologies and new products can still bring itself to the upside. In a small cycle, this series of new product releases is not only a round of active stimulation and leadership in the downturn of the consumer market, but also a cyclical action for technological innovation and product iteration of enterprises, and this time Huawei’s multi-category efforts are not only the diversification of risks , is also an exploration of the next consumption hotspot.

At the press conference that day, Yu Chengdong responded to the concerns and doubts that accompanied Huawei, saying: “Huawei has been climbing up the road of innovation, persevering, and leading the industry forward. Although facing various difficulties and obstacles, it is still firm and persistent. , across the mountains and seas, and finally see the dawn!”

Beijing Business Daily reporter Jin Chaoli Wang Zhuli

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