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May 1st, Mattarella: “Without work there is no Republic, new generations of builders are needed to restart”

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ROME. «Work is the foundation of the Republic. The Republic could not live without work. It will be work, which is growth in dignity, that will lead the country out of this emergency ». Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, opened his speech, at the Quirinale, on the occasion of May 1st. The battle for work «must unite everyone’s efforts and this is the ambition of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr). We must recognize the common good and pursue it, not waste the opportunity to take a step forward all together “.

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To lead us out of the consequences of the pandemic, work must be and will be the “engine of restarting, reconstruction and rebirth”. Consequences, underlines the head of state, which have had a particularly heavy impact on the crisis in the world of women. Even this “essential condition for a true restart of Italy”. And don’t forget, Mattarella, “the still too many deaths due to circumvented and violated rules”.

May 1st, Mattarella: “Work will bring the country out of the emergency”

Today, the challenge against the virus in defense of health “recalls the highest idea of ​​politics which is service. Everyone must participate and contribute ». Italy “also today needs new generations of builders, and we appeal to them”. He continues: “Institutions have a great task and great responsibilities, but democratic society is not inhabited only by institutions and individual citizens: there are businesses that create jobs, social forces, communities living in different territories, citizens associates representing ideas and interests. To take a leap forward, they must participate, contribute. I am sure that from so much suffering suffered a conscience has already been born that prevails over the temptation to indulge or ride the despair ».

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In a passage of his speech, the president touched on the theme of Europe: “We are proud – he said – of having contributed to the European turning point, we support its institutions”. He stresses: «External attacks are unacceptable; the Union has been able to prepare huge resources for a new phase of development ”.

In the morning, before the ceremony for May Day, the head of state had this morning placed a wreath of flowers at the monument to the victims of work at Inail, which is located in EUR. The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi was present.

Before President Mattarella, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, spoke of the Recovery Plan just sent from Italy to Europe: “A plan – he stressed – that does not want and must not simply serve to plug a flaw, leaving the system unchanged. On the contrary, it must be the start of a project for a new Italy in a new Europe, one that faces those changes that have been repeatedly postponed ».

Landini: “It’s time to vaccinate, not to fire”
Today, for work, “we need to invest in health, safety, social status: we have seen the price we paid also due to the cuts in health care. Our slogan for May Day, “It is work that takes care of Italy”: it indicates that today is the time to vaccinate it is not the time to fire ».

The leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, thus anticipates – a Seven days by RaiParlamento – the themes of the Labor Day. He will speak today from the Ast of Terni, one of the symbolic places chosen for the three unitary events organized by Cgil, Cisl and Uil. The crux, in comparison with the Government and indirectly with business associations starting with Confindustria, is that of the times to overcome the blocking of layoffs put in place to cope with the impact on the economy of the Covid emergency.

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“It has been a complicated year. As we have seen, jobs have been lost, especially women, young people, and in the South. I think it was very important to have done the security protocols and blocked the layoffs. At the same time, today is the time for the revival of investments and to put stable, not precarious jobs back at the center ”, warns the general secretary of the CGIL. And on the work that changes at the time of Covid, starting with smart working, he says: “What comes next is that each of us will have to learn both to work remotely and to work in presence, it is the same person who will be called in his I work to have these skills, so there is a problem with the right to training and, on the other hand, I believe that in all national contracts, working methods must also be regulated at a distance ».

30 minutes to Massimo, Letta: “We need a great social pact for work”

Bombers: restarting from the pandemic
For the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, “we need to start afresh from investments, we must eliminate inequalities, we must guarantee new stable and decent jobs: we start again with those who have lost their jobs in recent months”. May Day “is not a day of celebration, but of anger, of mobilization”. From the pandemic, continues Bombardieri, “we should learn some lessons: first, respect for life, then respect for safety at work. We have thousands of deaths worldwide we have more than 1000 victims in Italy among the operators who have worked during this year to ensure the functioning of the country and who have lost their lives “.

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Bombardieri will speak today from one of three symbolic places chosen by Cgil, Cisl and Uil for the three national demonstrations of May Day, in Passo Corese (Rieti) at the Amazon factory. «Nothing will be the same as before, the transformation we have undergone will change the organization of work: we must be able to exploit this innovation. We could start from here to begin discussing the reduction of working hours with equal pay ”.

Sbarra: “Let’s go back to the perimeter of collective bargaining”
The third symbolic place chosen for this May Day is the Castelli hospital, in the locality of Fontana di Papa, in Rome. The leader of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, will speak here: “We must look strongly at the quality of work, at job stability, relaunching with an extraordinary plan for training and growth of skills,” he says. «The sanitary tsunami – he warns – has put us in front of a new course. The Covid emergency has weakened, polarized and fragmented the work. It has accelerated all the processes that were present in the Italian labor market even before the virus ». Now, “the changes dictated by the emergency, such as smartworking, must return to the perimeter of national and company collective bargaining and good trade union relations”.

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