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McLaren denies selling to Audi and BMW

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Mc Laren denies having been sold to Audi, asking for the news to be removed. It is read in an official note from Woking which emphasizes that “McLaren has become aware of news stating that the Group has been sold to Audi”. According to McLaren this is a news «completely unfounded and Mc Laren is asking for it to be removed. Mc Laren has always been involved in discussions and collaborations with relevant partners and suppliers – it continues – including other manufacturers, but there has been absolutely no change in the ownership structure of the Group ».

The rumors about a possible handover of the Woking company had come from the English and German press. If it is certain how McLaren’s accounts have been in the red for some time, with a deficit of over 800 million euros in 2020, it is not yet clear what the future of the Formula 1 team and of the division linked to the production of cars will be.

McLaren, sale to BMW and Audi

According to the Germans of Automobilwoche, Audi and BMW would be interested in McLaren, with the former ready to buy the Formula 1 team and the latter interested in McLaren Automotive. The British of Autocar have a different idea, citing Audi as the future owner of the entire group including the activity in Formula 1. If this hypothesis had been confirmed, the Vw group would have had a structure to enter the top championship with open wheels first level team. On the other hand, the possible choice to acquire the automotive part remains more complex, thus placing a direct competitor of Lamborghini within the group and above all after the sale of Bugatti to Rimac.

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On the BMW front, on the other hand, the scenario would seem more plausible, given the lack of a brand linked to supercars, but the denial of the possible acquisition has already arrived from Munich. On the contrary, Audi has confirmed its opening to the Formula 1 team without giving further details.

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