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Meloni-Schlein, crazy idea of ​​running both. Towards the challenge at the Europeans

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Meloni-Schlein, crazy idea of ​​running both.  Towards the challenge at the Europeans

Meloni-Schlein and that question that is buzzing in both heads. The moves for the Europeans

The election campaign for European has begun, by now all the parties have begun planning next June’s vote and there are many unknowns. A suggestive and even dangerous possibility for the political balance of our country is making its way, one challenge in Brussels between Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein. Both – we read in La Stampa – only confided it to a very few, and in the form of a question: “And if I were to run as leader of the European elections in all constituencies? Wouldn’t that be a winning move?”. For irony of fatein the months preceding the next important electoral test – the most important since the start of the legislature – Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein they are asking the same question. Which team to race with, of course, but above all: who will face the challenge? Does it really make sense to leave the battle in the polls to others on their own? All questions to which the two leaders they try to give an answer.

Sure, if the double temptation by Schlein and Meloni were to come true, the European Championships in June would be a sort of first half of the policies. For the two leaders it would mean playing a lot, and in the forefront, as a show of strength inside and outside the reference parties and coalitions. They won’t decide right away, these are the months of the variables to be calculated. But they will soon and probably the choice of one will influence that of the other. For Meloni the goal is to carve out un place in the Commissionnot for himself but for one of his loyalists, the most probable candidate for a speech of this type – continues La Stampa – is his brother-in-law, the minister Lollobrigida. Even if a European commitment will in all likelihood also be asked of the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo bearwith which the feeling can be said to have never clicked.

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