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Mercedes EQS, unveiled the hi-tech interiors of the electric flagship

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Mercedes replies to Tesla that he had anticipated the interiors of the new Model S. Those of the EQS do not seem to be outdone, quite the contrary. The result is that if the S-Class has always been the flagship model of the Mercedes offer, probably the EQS, the electric admiral that will be unveiled on April 15, will inherit its fame, given the preview of the interior scenographic. In recent days, the Stuttgart company has, in fact, unveiled the cockpit of the new electric flagship, confirming some new specifications.

56-inch screen in the center of the console

Starting point of the future EQS the first view from the cockpit with the infotaiment Hyperscreen which is based on a 56-inch screen with three control zones, one of which is for the front passenger and with seven different profiles. The EQS dashboard slides into different panels as if it were a single piece, complete with LED lighting. The vents are on either side of the dashboard, while the central ones above the touchscreen display blend into the whole. Without transmission tunnel, the large container is placed under the center console.


Screens shared with the thermal flagship

Sport seats in quilted leather, glossy black plastic, real wood, metal speaker grilles and enough LED lighting to organize a real party on board add up to what is expected of a luxury car even in the next millennium. Some details, such as rear seat entertainment screens, door handles and door-mounted seat controls appear to be shared with the Class S.

Mercedes Eqs, interiors with the Hyperscreen system

Infotainment offers a mega touchscreen

The infotainment system Hyperscreen it uses 8 core CPU, 24 GB of RAM and 12 actuators under the touchscreen to activate real vibrations when a finger touches the screen. There are up to 350 sensors within the EQS that monitor its many functions, the vehicle’s surroundings and passengers, including their body movements and speech. There is of course also artificial intelligence on board. Mercedes said the EQS is capable of over-the-air software updates for the entire life of the car.

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The 15-speaker stereo, but the S-Class has 30.

The Burmester surround sound system available for the new EQS it will be equipped with 15 speakers and a power of 710 watts. It should be noted that, in this regard, the new S-Class can be ordered with a similar audio system from Burmester, but with double the number of speakers, i.e. up to 30 and beyond that with a decidedly higher output power equal to 1,750. watt. Truly a unique sound in a car.

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