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Mercedes SL: the myth of the roadster returns

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Mercedes SL: the myth of the roadster returns

It manages to mix cutting-edge technology, with many digital solutions, with a taste of the past for cars that are beautiful to drive and look at, at the antipodes of the concept of mobility device that the marketing of some home, even premium, wants to spread as a new verb and paradigm. Here, in summary, is the Mercedes-AMG SL, a 2 + 2 roadster, with a strictly canvas roof, V8 engine and supercar performance, even en plein air. a true amusement devicea hedonistic car, born and designed for driving pleasure and the taste for beauty.

And it is a car with an important legacy: 70 years of history of exclusivity (costs over 200 thousand euros) and technology, starting to become, strictly becoming, one of the last of a kind. the new SL is already an instant classic: not surprisingly, the lot for Italy is practically sold out. After all, he is the heir to a myth born in 1952.

In our country it is only available in the top “63” version with a 585 hp four-liter V8 turbo in two trim levels: Premium and Premium Plus. The car is built on a newly designed architecture. The AMG technicians started from the classic white sheet of paper and there are no elements in common with the previous SL series or even with the AMG GT Roadster.

The numbers are that of a thoroughbred sportswoman: its engine, rigorously assembled by hand in Affalterbach according to the “one man, one engine” procedure, delivers an insane torque: 800 Nm between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm. It offers an inexhaustible thrust, together with a “thermal” sound that contributes not a little to excitement and is a magical physical sensation that is lost with electrification.

The top speed is 315 km / h and the SL accelerates from zero to one hundred per hour in 3.6 seconds. In the C02 emissions chapter, the manufacturer declares a maximum combined Wltp of 288 g / km, a value certainly not as a small car (and not high in relation to performance) but given the few km traveled annually on average by cars of this type, it is not certainly the case of making a drama of it and screaming at the environmental scandal.

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