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Mercedes Vision EQXX, the electric car with 1,000 km of autonomy with a science fiction interior

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The new Mercedes Vision EQXX anticipates the electric future of Stuttgart, focusing on efficiency and great autonomy.
Presented in online form following the decision not to attend the CES in Las Vegas scheduled for January 5-8, the new concept was designed in just 18 months by joining the forces of the Formula 1 and Formula E teams. The Vision EQXX says goodbye to recharging anxiety thanks to the autonomy of over 1000 km and for the record consumption to date unthinkable on a zero-emission flagship: only 10 kWh per 100 km, against an average of around 18-20 kWh / 100 km. In addition to performance, it amazes for the technology on board, with the 47-inch maxi screen and for the artificial intelligence software based on neural networks.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX

The search for maximum efficiency has led to a record aerodynamic coefficient (0.17) and a weight contained in just over 1700 kg. This result is due to the use of super light materials and the 100 kWh battery pack, now 50% smaller and 30% lighter than the one fitted to the EQS with a total weight of 495 kg. The maximum power is 150 kW. High efficiency is also guaranteed by low rolling resistance tires, 20 ”magnesium-based light alloy wheels and aluminum brake discs.

Mercedes Vision EQXX, photos of the electric 1000 km of autonomy

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Solar energy from the roof

The electrical system that powers many of the Vision EQXX’s auxiliary devices draws additional energy from 117 solar cells on the roof. It was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. In just one day and under ideal conditions, this can add up to 25km of range on long distance travel. Solar energy is stored in a lithium iron phosphate battery, which provides energy for the climate, lights, infotainment system and other accessories. Mercedes and its partners are working to use solar energy to charge the high-voltage system as well.

Interior: new 47-inch screen

The new Vision EQXX also amazes on board, where the first completely seamless display stands out in a Mercedes-Benz characterized by the dimensions of 47.5 inches from one A-pillar to the other. With an 8K resolution (7680×660 pixels), from the maxi display you can have maximum control over the car and the surrounding environment. The Stuttgart team worked with navigation experts Navis Automotive Systems, inc. to develop the first real-time 3D navigation system on a screen of this size. It performs seamless zooming and scrolling functions from the satellite view up to a height of 10 meters in the 3D representation of the city. A significant work on materials is added to the technology. The interior features a large number of innovative materials from start-ups around the world. For example, the door handles are made with AMsilk’s Biosteel fiber. This high-strength silk-like fabric is biotechnology-based and vegan-certified.

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