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Meta universe virtual land sold for USD 4.3 million. Netizen: Isn’t it just a skin? -Digital currency/blockchain

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Recently, the concept of Metaverse has exploded on a global scale. Before everyone has understood what this concept is, the real estate of Metaverse has already become popular. Not long ago, on the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land was sold at a high price of US$2.43 million, which became the highest transaction price of virtual real estate.


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However, just a few days later, there were reports that this record had been broken.Recently, a piece of virtual land on the virtual game platform Sandbox was sold for US$4.3 million (approximately 27.4 million yuan), becoming the latest record of the real estate transaction price of Meta Universe.

In addition, last week’s news that singer Junjie Lin spent 780,000 yuan to start the meta universe virtual land also rushed into hot searches, allowing more people to discover the news of meta universe real estate.

It is reported that,JJ Lin purchased three virtual lands on the Decentraland platform at one time and spent approximately US$123,000, or approximately RMB 784,000.

According to reports, after players purchase “virtual land” on the platform, they can build their own virtual houses, build their own brands, or display their non-functional game collections.

However, many netizens are very puzzled about this matter.Some people think “Isn’t this just a game skin?”, and some netizens said that “I spent tens of millions for a bunch of codes, and I’m afraid that my brain is broken.”In short, there are many people who expressed their incomprehension.

However, according to relevant sources, after you have purchased the virtual land, you can build houses and decorate the scenes on it. Later, you can resell them on the open market just like real houses and land, and even get huge benefits from it.


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