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Metropol, 007 Russians caught with L’Espresso’s anti-Lega agent. New bomb

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Metropol, 007 Russians caught with L’Espresso’s anti-Lega agent.  New bomb

Matteo Salvini and Gianluca Savoini

Russian funds to the League, La Verità denounces the “fake scoop” of L’Espresso and reveals: “There were Putin’s secret agents at the table”

More and more details are emerging about the “Metropol case”. That from a journalistic investigation that he was would seem to have become a yellow. Already yesterday The truth had revealed how the journalist de The Espresso scoop author, Giovanni TitianHe was in close relations with the Freemason lawyer under investigation, Gianluca Meranda, which carried forward the negotiations for the sale of Russian oil with the League denounced by the same reporter.

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Lega: party calls for Copasir intervention on Metropol case – “The machination against the League organized at the Metropol, which has become a cudgel to strike one of the main Italian parties on the eve of the last European elections, is becoming increasingly serious and disconcerting with the new revelations in La Verita’: at this point it is an intervention by the Copasir is necessary”. The League asks for it. “In addition to what appears to be an agent provocateur of l’Espresso who was trying in every way to frame the League in agreement with a journalist friend, there would also have been men from the foreign secret services at the table. Is that true? Our intelligence do you have anything to say, also in light of the role Matteo Salvini had at the time, i.e. deputy prime minister and minister of the interior? political debate and weakened our democracy”.
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Today Maurizio Belpietro’s newspaper, with the signature of Giacomo Amadori, also reveals another piece: that 28 October 2018, at the Metropol, there were also agents of the Russian secret services. But they weren’t hiding to watch what was happening. “No, disguised as oilmen they were sitting right in front of Meranda, Salvini’s ex spokesman Gianluca Savoini and a retired Tuscan banker, Francesco Vanucci”.

Well, because the 007 of Moscow had, in disguise, to entice the alleged representatives of the Carroccio and of the then deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini with indecent proposals? Did they want to put the most important European sovereign party and its leader in check and make it blackmailable? They knew that Meranda had two journalists in tow Or did they not notice anything? The fact is that the negotiation ended almost immediately, but it made it possible to create ainvestigation journalistic that in 2019 made the League tremble”. And keeps going The truth: “That October 18th … perhaps the only one who is not playing a double game is the president of the Lombardy-Russia association Savoini. He’s probably there because he hopes to do business with the Russians. But his interlocutors court him only because he is considered close to the deputy prime minister. And even the two journalists, including Tizian, are tailing him for this. Reporters who at that table have placed their deep throat, and perhaps, “agent provocateur” Meranda, in fact. But the most disturbing thing is that looking Savoini in the eye and talking to him about illicit loans in rubles are the men of the FSB, the former KGB….

In the papers of the Milan prosecutor’s office – he continues The truth – an official document entered, accompanied by a “confidential” one from our intelligence apparatus, which reads that Andrey Yur’yevich Kharchenko, the man who handled a colossal oil contract at the Metropol “would be … a Russian agent specializing in meddling, propaganda and disinformation”. “What role did Kharchenko play in this story? Probably central. In fact, it seems to be the pivot around which the negotiation has developed“. Then there is another man, Ilia Andreevich Yakunin. It is he who “ups the ante again”. Between one invitation and another, Meranda, stimulated by Yakunin, pronounces the key phrase in which he reiterates “the purely political declination” of the negotiation. Is this a genuine statement or are the two acting a story? Is it a coincidence that Meranda and men of the secret services of the former Soviet empire sat down at the same table to plan what appears to be an attempt to sabotage the League?”

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