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Milan definitively acquires the land in San Donato for the new stadium

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Milan definitively acquires the land in San Donato for the new stadium

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Milan takes a big step forward towards the construction of the new stadium in San Donato with the purchase of land in the San Francesco area. The financial commitment is part of the 40 million euros allocated by Milan for expenses relating to the project and which include the documentation for the application for urban planning variation, the purchase of the land and other legal aspects. After having started the administrative process with the municipality south of Milan last autumn, the Rossoneri club is therefore accelerating the steps with the aim of starting the construction site in 2025 and debuting in the new home in 2028 for an investment which includes the system and ancillary works , fundamental to making the entertainment business more profitable beyond matchday, could cost just over a billion.

The technical steps

In September 2023, Jerry Cardinale and RedBird’s club filed the urban planning variation proposal with the municipality of San Donato on which the Municipal Council expressed a positive opinion last January (“acknowledging that the subsequent operational phase must be conducted through a specific Agreement of the program following a request for promotion of the same by the Mayor”, specifies the resolution). The deed which formalizes the transfer of ownership of the land which took place in these hours is a formal deed which follows the purchase which took place in June 2023 by Milan of SportLifeCity, a company which had already obtained the approval in 2021 for the construction of a arena and other properties in San Donato. Milan essentially asked for a change in the structures to be built, remaining within the 108 thousand square meters envisaged by the current Integrated Intervention Programme.

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The Rossoneri project

The idea that Milan is working on with the advice of the American Tim Romani, founder and CEO of Icon Venue, which has built over 50 stadiums and arenas in the world, is to build a stadium that is a “new door” and the icon of Milan for those who reach the city coming from the South. The Manica studio, which will be the Design Architect, is developing the master plan for an eco-sustainable 70,000 seat venue and an entertainment district which includes the new club headquarters, the museum, a hotel, the Milan Store and underground car parks. All this without increasing the volumes already required. The usable greenery will instead be increased to 235 thousand m2 in the South Park and two cycle-pedestrian walkways will be built to connect the city of San Donato. Finally, a new direct junction from the A 1 will avoid flooding the internal roads, enhancing the infrastructural uniqueness of the chosen territory between railway, metro and indeed motorways.

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