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Milan, Scaroni: “Maldini was a little uncomfortable. I’ll tell you what transfer market we’ll make”. And on the return of Ibra…

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Milan, Scaroni: “Maldini was a little uncomfortable. I’ll tell you what transfer market we’ll make”.  And on the return of Ibra…

Paolo Scaroni talks about Milan’s strategies after Maldini’s farewell (photo Lapresse)

Scaroni on Maldini: a gentleman, a person attached to Milan. However, we follow a somewhat innovative model that…

The president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni talks about the corporate revolution desired by Gerry Cardinale which led to the farewell of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara and has disoriented several fans. On the former Rossoneri captain and technical director, he explains to Corriere della Sera: “All of us, and especially me, have always had excellent relations with Paolo Maldini, who is a gentleman, a person attached to Milan and who did well at Milan. We however we follow a somewhat innovative model, at least for Italy, of club management, which leads us to consider all our activities as collegiate: we work as a team”.

Milan, Paolo Scaroni: I think Maldini felt uncomfortable

Precisely with regard to the new AC Milan course and why Maldini did not stay in the club in via Aldo Rossi, Paolo Scaroni underlined: “It is an organizational model that is very dear to our shareholder who, let us remember, is a sports specialist who boasts successes in his activities, so when he suggests something to us we pay great attention, because we think it brings innovations. In this organization we had the impression that Paolo felt uncomfortable, and when one is uncomfortable it is better to separate”. But if the identification of the objectives is the result of a collegial process, in the moment of the negotiations Maldini brought into play the weight of his figure. “True, very true and I am very grateful to him. I have to say that today, and it doesn’t sound ungrateful, we need it less: Milan having come out of the management of Yonghong Li was struggling to attract talent, today’s Milan, which won the Scudetto and reached the semifinals of the Champions League, I think it is more attractive”.

Milan, Scaroni on the post-Maldini: Furlani-Moncada-Pioli with the international experts of RedBird

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have left Milan. Who will now manage the technical area of ​​the Rossoneri club? “It will be in the hands of a team that integrates different skills, with CEO Giorgio Furlani who also has the sports area to coordinate, together with professionals such as Geoffrey Moncada and coach Pioli: we expect him to have his say in these choices. In addition to the international experts of RedBird. New entries? Not at the moment “, the words of the president Paolo Scaroni.

Milan, Paolo Scaroni on the market: some sales and some important purchases. We are ambitious

On Milan’s budget and summer transfer market, Scaroni reassured the fans: “In the meantime, I would like to remind you that in four years we have invested more than the others (200 million), some will say not always well, but our shareholders have allowed us to build a strong and we will continue together on this path. I think we will have to make some sales, and conclude some important acquisitions: we are ambitious”.

Milan, Scaroni on Ibrahimovic

Many fans are hoping Ibrahimovic will return to Milan immediately in a club manager role acting as a liaison between club and team. Paolo Scaroni is cautious: “I have the impression that we want to take a sabbatical period. Then he remains a friend, a person to whom we owe a lot, because in the most difficult moments he allowed us to make a breakthrough. If he comes up with ideas, we’ll be the first to listen to them”.

Milan, Scaroni on the players’ reaction to Maldini’s sacking

Many AC Milan players (from Leao to Tonali, via Maignan and Theo Hernandez) have publicly expressed their closeness to Paolo Maldini after his dismissal: “It seems natural to me that they show grief. On the other hand, they are professionals used to change, they will understand that this is done with the idea of ​​doing better. We will explain it to them. Then they will remain tied to Maldini, as they should.”

Milan, Scaroni on the stadium: “Let’s develop the San Donato hypothesis”

“I’ll make a summary. We liked the La Maura racecourse area a lot, and the mayor liked it, but it’s extremely difficult to implement. There is a constraint pending on the demolition of the Meazza, which could come into effect in 2025: without certainties, this project is in sleep, nor does the mayor allow two stadiums close to each other. The Sesto area has the problem of reclamation, at the moment we are developing hypotheses on the San Donato area to keep it ready in case San Siro goes down.”

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