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Millennial juggles two jobs and earns $225,000

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Millennial juggles two jobs and earns $225,000

A millennial secretly earned $225,000 from two remote jobs but ultimately decided to quit one of them. The worker in this story is not pictured. xPACIFICA via Getty Images

One Millennial secretly earned about $225,000 working two full-time remote jobs

He used the extra money to buy a truck, open an Airbnb and increase his savings.

But several factors led him to ultimately decide the money wasn’t worth the squeeze.

This is a machine translation of an article from our US colleagues at Business Insider. It was automatically translated and checked by a real editor.

In 2022, Luke was making six figures a year working as an e-commerce professional based in the southern United States. But he had many times when he had little to do. “I’m not good at having a lot of downtime,” the 37-year-old told Business Insider. For him, this realization was the impetus to look for another job. “I just thought I’d find a second role that paid well enough but wasn’t overly demanding,” Luke remembers. His identity is known to BI, but he asked to use a pseudonym for fear of professional repercussions.

About three months later, Luke was secretly working two full-time remote jobs. He earned a total of around $225,000 (around 210,900 euros) a year. He says he used the extra money to pay down on a truck. Luke also opened an Airbnb and increased his savings.

But earlier this year, after about 13 months of working two jobs simultaneously, Luke quit his one job. Here he explains how he tried to hold down both jobs for as long as possible – and why he finally decided to give up one of them.

Juggling both jobs seemed doable and worthwhile – until it wasn’t

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