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Minimum wage eliminated, the opposition text becomes a delegation to the government

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Minimum wage eliminated, the opposition text becomes a delegation to the government

The opposition leaves the chamber. Unione Popolare presents 70 thousand signatures for another bill

After suspension of the exam for two months, various collections of signatures and referrals to the commission, the majority scuppers the unitary law proposal of the oppositions (with the exception of Italia Viva) on the minimum wage, the one which provides for a minimum threshold of 9 euros per hour for each employment contract. We read it on Rai News 24. The Labor commission of the Chamber, with the vote of only the centre-right, has in fact approved an amendment that suppresses the text on the minimum wage, transforming it into a law enabling the government.

Thus the reference il disappears completely minimum salary: no reference is made to the measure in the delegation. In its place, the government is entrusted with the task of passing legislative decrees to intervene on low wages, resorting to the strengthening of collective bargaining and without excluding the possibility of second-level bargaining. “The center-right vwants to reintroduce salary cages”, is the accusation of the Democratic Party. The new text should arrive in the Chamber on Thursday, but a delay in timing is also possible.

Minimum wage, opposition arises

“We will continue with the interventions indefinitely, we will use all our available time.” The leader of the Democratic Party Arturo Scotto last night he announced the obstructionism of the Democratic Party in the Labor Committee of the Chamber before the vote on the delegation to the government on the minimum wage. “We had asked for Calderone’s presence, an answer was due in terms of education and respect for the parliamentary function. But we were told that it is not possible, we will not have knowledge of what the government thinks”, adds Scotto.

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To support the dem’s position, in addition to the presence of deputies from other opposition groups such as Avs, the secretary herself Elly Schlein, who follows the work of the commission, and the group leader Chiara Braga. “This presence is necessary, we are faced with yet another forcing with a distortion of the text. They do not want to take on the responsibility of saying no to our proposal and the decision to give blank delegation to the government is serious. We are facing a total distortion in the method and on the merits”, explains Braga.

Given the high turnout of opposition deputies in the Labor Committee of the Chamber, where the minimum wage is being discussed, the Democratic Party, together with the other oppositions, was asked to move the proceedings to the globe room. Parliamentary sources from the Democratic Party explain that the request was denied by president Walter Rizzetto, who instead asked to open the windows. Standing room only despite the clerks adding more chairs.

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