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Minimum wage, the usual opposition drama is aired in the Chamber

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Minimum wage, the usual opposition drama is aired in the Chamber

Schlein and Conte in Piazza del Popolo

Minimum wage: the opposition’s drama is on air. Brawl in the Chamber with a show of Giuseppe Conte tearing up the delegation while the right shouts: “Tarzan!”

Christmas is approaching and TV is bringing back the great classics: “Christmas at the Cupiello house” by Edoardo De Filippo. “Do you like it, ‘o nativity scene?” says the majority. “No, I don’t like it,” replies the opposition in the Chamber. And so the astonished citizen enjoys the play while munching on popcorn. Premise: a laborious agreement had been reached between the majority and the opposition: 9 euros gross minimum wage but then there was a maxi amendment by Walter Rizzetto (FdI) of delegation to the government which according to the left has distorted the agreement resulting in a highly indignant collective withdrawal of signatures and serious damage to the workers.

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After all Giorgia Meloni he is not entirely wrong when he says: “The unions must be more coherent, they accept 5 euro contracts”. And it’s true. An actor with proven experience starts the show, Giuseppe Conte, first leader of the yellow-green breakfast of the right and then of the yellow-red one of the left. “I withdraw my signature from this measure because you are making waste of the minimum wage. Meloni turns his back on 3 million and 600 thousand poor workers. Today Meloni and his associates take off their masks.”

This is said by someone who “bought” votes with the Basic income and it brought Italian finances to its knees with bonuses, which very often resulted in huge scams. The head of the Five Star Movement thus makes a grand gesture: he tears up the amendment in favor of the cameras, pronouncing the Ciceronian phrase reported above.
The opposition laughs. You hear a “What’s Tarzan doing!”. He collects with aplomb, fixes his pocket square, straightens his dangling tie and sits back amidst the applause of the peons. Then it’s the turn of Nicola Fratoianni (Italian Left), the one who brought Soumahoro into Parliament and now after everything that happened with the funds he pretends not to know him: “I withdraw my signature from an indecent act of political and institutional piracy , it’s a slap in the face to the entire Parliament.”

Also Matteo Richetti of Action, withdraws signature. And then there’s her, Elly Schlein, the 300 euro an hour armochromism woman is now also in difficulty with her father because she is Jewish and is the leader of a pro-Palestinian people. “I communicate my desire to remove my signature from this bill, this is no longer the opposition’s proposal because the majority has emptied it with their usual arrogance. Not in the
our name you are betraying the expectations of the workers you stabbed in the back, without even
have the courage to look them in the face. Governing does not authorize you to humiliate the prerogatives of
oppositions, the Constitution does not authorize you to abuse power. Shame”.

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This is said by someone who is secretary of the Democratic Party, that is, the party that abolished article 18 of the Workers’ Statute thanks to Matteo Renzi and the CGIthere, a fugitive for the occasion. Of course, the opposition hasn’t made a great impression given that his proposal has become a proxy for the government, demonstrating – in case there was still any need – that these aren’t exactly wartime thunderbolts. But that’s it. In the end “o’ nativity” if they have to like it. It’s called democracy.

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