Home Business Mixed ups and downs: Shanghai Index gains 3,600 points and loses again; liquor stocks lead the rise and the financial pulls up |

Mixed ups and downs: Shanghai Index gains 3,600 points and loses again; liquor stocks lead the rise and the financial pulls up |

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  Shanghai Index3600 points were gained and then lost.

Shanghai and Shenzhen both opened slightly higher on November 24.Growth Enterprise Market IndexOpen slightly lower. In the early trading, the two markets showed a trend of narrow fluctuations. In the afternoon, the big financial market rose. The Shanghai Index returned to above the 3,600 mark after a month. Due to lack of enthusiasm for longing, the two markets fell, and the Shanghai Index lost 3,600 points.

To the close of November 24, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index rose 0.1% to 3592.7 points; the Science and Technology 50 Index fell 0.27% to 1,472.22 points;Shenzhen Component IndexIt fell 0.12% to 1,4887.6 points; the ChiNext index fell 0.4% to 3,478.66 points.

Statistics show that 2,291 companies in the two cities rose, 2050 fell, and there were 189 flats.

On November 24, the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets was 1202.4 billion yuan, a decrease of 26.1 billion yuan from the 1.2285 billion yuan in the previous trading day, and it exceeded one trillion yuan for 24 consecutive trading days. Among them, the Shanghai stock market turnover was 481 billion yuan, a decrease of 27.1 billion yuan from the previous trading day’s 508.1 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen stock market turnover was 721.4 billion yuan.

A total of 104 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose by more than 9%, and 5 stocks fell by more than 9%.

Total Northbound Funds on November 24Net inflow2.369 billion yuan. in,Shanghai Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 51 million yuan,Shenzhen Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 2.318 billion yuan.

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  Liquor stocks led the rise, photovoltaics led the decline

In terms of sectors,Goldman SachsResume to track the impact of A-share liquor industry news, add the year-end factors, and liquor is the leaderfood and drinkThe sector led the two cities, leading the wayKweichow Moutai(600519) once rose more than 3% to approach 2,000 yuan/share,Luzhou Laojiao(000568)、Wuliangye(000858)、Willing to wine industry(600702)、Shuijingfang(600779) etc. rose more than 4%.

The rare-earth permanent magnets sector rose at the top,Zhenghai Magnetic Materials(300224)、Galactic magnet(300127)、Jinli Permanent Magnet(300748)、Innova(000795) Wait for the daily limit or increase more than 9%,Minmetals Rare Earth(000831)、Earth bear(688077)、Ningbo Yunsheng(600366) etc. rose more than 5%.

The photovoltaic sector led the decline of the two cities,Aishu shares(600732)、JA Technology(002459)、Goodway(688390)、Haiyou New Materials(688680)、Kehua Data(002335) etc. fell more than 4%.

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery are going down,Dabeinong(002385) fell more than 6%,Denghai Seed Industry(002041)、Arowana(300999)、Quan Yin Hi-Tech(300087) etc. fell more than 3%.

  New Year’s Eve market will continue to unfold

  Guotai JunanIt is believed that the index is in shock after a rapid rise. Today’s index continues to oscillate around the moving average. At present, the major indexes have rebounded to important pressure positions.But the rise on the boardthemeMost of them are mainly news-driven, but on the contrary, the performance of weighted stocks is mediocre. From the perspective of trading volume, it is almost the same as yesterday. Whether the subsequent index can effectively break through depends on whether the two can form a resonance. The New Year’s Eve market will continue to unfold. The current market trading volume has maintained a trillion level for 24 consecutive trading days, and the overall market has performed well. The market risk appetite is expected to rise in the short term driven by multiple factors. The index will continue to rebound after the short-term volatility and consolidation.

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Operationally,Guotai JunanIt is recommended to pay attention to large consumption and new energy,semiconductorWait for the plate.along withPPIIt is expected to reach the top and fall back, and the cost pressure of the concept of large consumption is expected to be relieved. By then, consumption profits are expected to stabilize and improve, and pay attention to the opportunities of bargaining. In addition, the recent seesaw effect of market conditions is obvious, and attention is paid to the divergent buying points of lithium, photovoltaic, and wind power.

  Guojin SecuritiesThink that the current market is towards the end of the yearcurrencyPolicies and economic growth expectations for next year are pessimistic, and market expectations may be gradually revised.Monetary and credit policies may reopen the marginal easing window at the end of the year; in addition, the market has digestedMidlandOverseas uncertainties such as marginal changes in storage policies, and domestic anti-monopoly and fairness promotion policies are gradually being implemented.

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