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Moka launched an intelligent human resource management system, and HR SaaS integration has become a trend|Jiazi Guangnian_Recruitment_Company Current_Products

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Moka launched an intelligent human resource management system, and HR SaaS integration has become a trend|Jiazi Guangnian_Recruitment_Company Current_Products

Original title: Moka launched an intelligent human resource management system, and the integration of HR SaaS has become a trend | Jiazi Guangnian

The integrated road is resistant and long.

Author | Wu Jingjing

Editor | Zhao Jian

HR SaaS companies have embarked on a new journey towards “integration”.

This Wednesday, at the 2022 summer press conference, HR SaaS company Moka unveiled to the market for the first time its complete set of solutions for human resource digitization – including a recruitment management system, a core personnel management system, and a human data insight and analysis platform.

This means that this SaaS company, which started with a recruitment management system, has now entered the human resources SaaS service across the board, and can provide a full range of HR SaaS services including recruitment, staffing management, salary management, performance management, etc.

The company has also won the favor of many first-tier funds. The company’s latest C round of financing was completed in November last year, led by Tiger Global Fund, Blue Lake Capital, Hillhouse Ventures, Jinsha River Ventures, GGV Jiyuan Capital, etc. Old shareholders followed suit.

Up to now, Moka has served 1,500 customers including Xiaomi, McDonald’s, Anta Group, etc. The industry covers the Internet, chain retail, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, education and other fields. There are offices in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xiamen, Nanjing and other cities.

Since 2015, it has entered the HR SaaS track with recruitment as the incision. In the past 6 years, what considerations does the company have behind the expansion of Moka’s diversified products? With the increasingly fierce competition, how does this company come to the present?

At the beginning, Moka was positioned as an intelligent recruitment service provider, aiming to solve the problem of enterprise recruitment. The company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) intelligent recruitment management system was officially launched in 2016. It aims to provide enterprises with full process management of recruitment from job creation to offer issuance, allowing HR and employing departments to efficiently manage and process candidate information. .

This was one of the pain points of enterprise talent management at that time. The collaboration between HR and departments was inefficient, and it was difficult to effectively utilize talent resources. It was even more difficult to analyze talent data. Therefore, aiming at this problem, Moka has launched a digital recruitment process management service, allowing enterprises to use a standardized digital system to collect resumes to final admission and talent information management. The company adopts the SaaS service model, which is based on the annual payment model of the number of HR accounts.

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The intelligent recruitment system is still one of Moka’s core products. Moka CEO Li Guoxing told “Jiazi Guangnian” that after 6 years of iteration, the company’s ATS products have been launched more than 3,500 times, which can meet the needs of different scales and different industries. The demand of enterprises, and the recruitment scene has also expanded from social recruitment to school recruitment, internal promotion and the recruitment of some offline stores.

In 2020, Moka’s second product human resource management system product, Moka People, was officially launched. Moka opened up the whole process from recruitment to human resource management. The company has also grown from a single recruitment product service provider to a holistic HR SaaS. solution provider.

At this press conference, the company carried out a new iterative upgrade to Moka People, released Moka Insight, a human resources data analysis platform, and Moka Brief Talk, which integrates WeChat chat into recruitment scenarios. , performance management, AI resume analysis and other new modules have been upgraded.

Among them, Moka Insight is a human resources data analysis platform, which can be used “out of the box” in Moka People. Through intuitive charts and intelligent analysis, human resources data and business data can be linked. Moka Jiantan has created a precedent for social recruitment. Through the connection with the company’s WeChat, not only HR can directly communicate with candidates, but also can send job invitations, evaluation links in batches, etc., improve the conversion rate of talent activation, and facilitate the dynamic management of enterprises. Manage talent data.

Moka’s current development focuses on two levels. On the one hand, the ATS recruitment system has gradually increased its efforts to expand its customers, from the customer acquisition, server, and product sides to a model that is more suitable for large customers. On the other hand, Moka People’s business Continue to make efforts to achieve a leading position in the industry in the enterprise customer base with a scale of 100 to 2,000 people.

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Moka CEO Li Guoxing told “Jiazi Guangnian” that the company’s core strengths lie in products and user experience, and it is constantly iteratively upgrading products based on user feedback. Li Guoxing said: “Many innovative functions come from the scene. For example, some functions of school recruitment are polished by product managers and customers at the school recruitment site.”

“User experience has become the company’s internal culture. For example, NPS (Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter Score) is one of the important indicators of the company’s development. We also include it in the company’s performance evaluation indicators, so that everyone realizes that user experience is the key The core support of the company’s operation.” He said.

The NPS here is an effective indicator used by SaaS companies to measure user loyalty and satisfaction, with a total of 100 points. The 2021 NPS Industry Score Benchmark Report released by Survicate shows that SaaS companies have an average NPS score of 32. It is known that,The Net Promoter Index NPS of Moka’s products is higher than the industry (domestic) standard, and the company’s renewal rate can reach more than 115%.

Moka’s iterative upgrade represents a general trend in the HR SaaS industry – integration.

Generally speaking, the integration of HR SaaS mainly includes recruitment, evaluation, core manpower, performance, online training and other links. At present, Moka’s integration is mainly in three aspects: recruitment, core manpower, and performance.

At the beginning of its establishment, most HR SaaS companies started from a single module, and then extended to other modules on the basis of the original advantageous business. For example, Beisen started from evaluation, and Moka started from recruitment.

To do integration means to make products more important, so many SaaS companies have begun to invest resources to build PaaS platforms. Moka also revealed that related research and development is already underway.

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On the one hand, this expansion is based on diversified business development considerations, and on the other hand, it is also due to changes in the needs of enterprise users.

With the stable development of the macro economy, corporate customers have more urgent needs for efficiency improvement. The digital management of human resources has gone from the previous extensive development to the depths of the organization, and the lean talent management concept has come to the forefront.

A typical demand belonging to Chinese enterprise users is: due to the difficulties in communication and data exchange between different manufacturers, it is often hoped that a single manufacturer can meet various needs.

Li Guoxing said that around 2018, with the accumulation of users of the recruitment system, Moka received user feedback on the demand for other human resources products other than recruitment products. The digital talent management of an enterprise consists of multiple sectors. In addition to recruitment, personnel management and salary management are all common needs. Beginning in 2019, the company began to set up a production and research team to develop new products of Moka People, extending the scope of services from recruitment to high-frequency business scenarios such as personnel management, leave management, performance management, and salary management.

In his view, this is also the development trend of the current industry: “In the process of implementing user experience in HR SaaS, it is not only designed for decision makers, but also serves roles such as employees, interviewers, candidates, and business managers. Innovative technology and ingenuity create the next-generation HR SaaS overall solution for all employees.”

As more companies move towards integration, everyone will face each other at more levels in the future, and Moka will also face more challenges.Return to Sohu, see more


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