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Mont Blanc, No stop at the tunnel. The landslide is looming on the Frejus

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Mont Blanc, No stop at the tunnel.  The landslide is looming on the Frejus

The Mont Blanc tunnel could close for work in a year. This is according to the rumors following the meeting of the Interministerial Conference between Italy and France. The problem is that it is not yet clear when the Frejus, where the landslide on the highway on the French front led to the blockage of heavy vehicles, it will really be able to reopen to trucks.

This is because the French prefecture would be preventing access to the railway tunnel that ended up under the landslide and was still closed for months, but it would also prevent the removal of around 3,000 cubic meters of still unsafe earth. In fact, the technicians have ascertained that there is no damage to the motorway pylons but, obviously, if the still dangerous part of the landslide were to decide to descend, there would be some risk.

The reopening of the Frejus motorway tunnel was expected by many by the weekend

And on the Tunnel company’s website, the calendar that provides traffic forecasts for the tunnel itself is stopped for next Monday. For this reason someone had proposed the closure of the tunnel next Monday 11 September. But part of the Frejus landslide is still looming so, despite the high penalties that should be paid to the companies involved in the Bianco’s works, perhaps it is better to wait. The Ministry of Transport has announced that the Bianco will remain open throughout 2023. We’ll see later. After all, in the square of the Bianco tunnel yesterday too the wait for heavy vehicles, due to the stoppage of the Frejus and no alternative on the French route for heavy vehicles, both in France and in Italy was two hours.

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And two more in the Aosta autoport. The postponement of the start of the works on Mont Blanc by a year would also be due to the fact that in 2024 the doubling of the Frejus will be completed, with the second gallery parallel to the existing one, favoring the disposal of traffic temporarily diverted by Bianco. Obviously, the hypothesis most appreciated by Confindustria and now also by the Italian government remains on the table: that is, the doubling of the Bianco tunnel as has already happened for the Frejus. But times are obviously long. In addition to the planning and the need to find an agreement with the French, who are against the project, the works would last at least 5 years.

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