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Morandi, users pay for Aspi’s “compensation” tunnel. What a mockery!

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Morandi, users pay for Aspi’s “compensation” tunnel.  What a mockery!

Ponte Morandi, the extra-cost clause that troubles citizens

Arriva yet another joke for citizens of Genova and not only after the collapse of the Morandi bridge. The great “compensation” promised by Aspia tunnel entirely at the company’s expense for decongest traffic in the city, is about to turn out to be a cost borne by users. The mayor-commissioner Marco Bucci and the president of the Region Giovanni All – we read in the Fatto Quotidiano – they had presented it to the citizens as a success, to the point of convincing the Genoese citizens that it was a bargain give up ten years of toll free, already recognized as refreshment by the dealership. That “compensation”, however, risks turning into yet another hoax. Once again at the expense of the Italians. For a few weeks, come on ministerial tables rebounds a harsh reality, which no one has had so far the courage to admit publicly.

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The project of tunnelfar more complex than it had been thought, – continues Il Fatto – had a cost escalation huge, of over 50%. The initial estimate of 700 million euros, aggravated by technical problems and the increase in the price of raw materials, has weighed down to exceed one billion euros. And guess who will pay the extra costs? Not Aspi, but the users of the motorways. . In that understanding, however, there was another clausevery relevant: Aspi is recognized as right to reverse extra costs of toll work. In other words, that generous reparation is billed to affected users. The caution with which the Roman indiscretions were kept confidential says a lot: not even the insiders they expected such a burden.

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