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More headaches than fines show the whole story of Tesla’s German factory shutdown-Tesla Tesla Electric Cars

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Today’s Tesla should understand the meaning and bitterness of “good things to go through” and “one twists and turns”, especially when it comes to the construction of a German super factory. Many problems make Tesla not as easy as car building. No, Tesla’s German factory is in trouble again. The construction progress of the factory has already caused Tesla a headache. Now it is even more troublesome.


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Unidentified tank incurs suspension fine

It is reported that the Ministry of Environment of the Brandenburg State of Germany announced on July 8 local time that due to the presence of tanks on the construction site of the Tesla factory that are not in the declaration documents, these tanks did not appear in the construction plan and obtained permission. Sla will receive a fine from the German side.

Tesla factory in Germany

According to the German “Daily Mirror” report, some people in Germany even requested the suspension of Tesla’s construction in Gruheide, Germany. Tesla originally planned to use the plant as Tesla’s new battery plant in Germany.

Aerial drone photography “harmed” Tesla

It is particularly ironic that the outbreak of the above-mentioned problem stems from the fact that Tesla fans used drones to take pictures of a tank farm on the construction site, and then the fans posted aerial pictures to the Internet. After seeing the aerial pictures, the two major local environmental groups Grüne Liga Brandenburg and NABU filed a lawsuit against Tesla at the Brandenburg State Environment Department.

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Tesla’s German factory under construction

The above two groups also believe that the fines imposed are too light compared to the punishment Tesla deserves. Earlier, according to Reuters reports, a German court had rejected two environmental groups’ requests to revoke the temporary construction permit issued by Brandenburg to Tesla last Tuesday (June 29, local time). Laco continues the construction progress of the plant. According to the judgment of the court at that time, Tesla can continue to test the equipment of the Gluheide factory for a limited period of time. Looking at it now, Tesla’s “environmental trouble” has not really ended yet.

In an interview with reporters, Michael Ganshuo, the head of the environmental organization Grüne Liga Brandenburg, said that the tanks photographed by the drone were not in the original construction plan, so they should be dismantled. He told the “Daily Mirror” reporter that this was a scandal in which Tesla crossed the red line without approval. Michael Ganshuo also pointed out that Tesla violated the transparent and reasonable permit procedures that should have been followed during the construction process. Michael Ganschau’s colleague Christian Gecker (who used to be the minister of Brandenburg from 2014 to 2019) stated that Tesla has not been completely banned due to tank problems, just like the world Like one of the richest people on the Internet was declared bankrupt, the result would only be “no pain or itching.”

According to reports, the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency has previously stated that it is verifying whether further necessary measures are needed, but did not specify what specific measures are.

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Problems more serious than fines appear

If Tesla faces more “obstacles” and “restrictions”, then its German Gigafactory may already be optimistic news by May 2022. In fact, the start-up time of the German Gigafactory must match the development of the 4680 battery cell, but the battery development process has not yet ended, and the construction of the factory has been faced with ups and downs. The factory encountered many problems when it started, such as environmental approvals from government regulatory agencies, labor law review issues organized by the factory’s labor union, and even the removal of unexploded shells left over from World War II.

What’s more interesting is that with today’s news of punishment, Tesla’s German factory was also disclosed by the media that it “cannot recruit people”, and it is difficult to recruit workers locally. According to “Auto News” reports, Tesla is trying to overcome this problem through training and apprenticeships in other parts of Germany.

As early as May of this year, Reuters, Bloomberg and many other media analysts have lowered their expectations for Tesla’s German Gigafactory, believing that the construction of the plant has entered a slowing trend.

Analyst Schmidt said that Musk may have doubts whether “Made in Germany” is worth the money. Although the local government is optimistic about the expected employment and other dividends in the future, the plant is too close to the nature reserve and has been constantly complained by environmentalists since the start of construction, because after all, the plant is about to cut down about 430 acres of forest.

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Currently, Tesla has not commented on the sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Environment of Brandenburg, Germany.

The European factory that makes Musk helpless

According to statistics, Tesla currently has four super factories and two cooperative factories around the world. The four super factories are located in Nevada, USA, New York, Shanghai, China, and Berlin, Germany. According to Tesla’s plan, the Berlin Gigafactory will be responsible for the production of Tesla’s electric car batteries and the newly designed Model Y crossover. Four of the plants have been basically constructed and are scheduled to be completed and put into production in July 2021.

Inside Tesla’s German factory

However, various scandals have been exploded in the factory before, including gas leaks, labor law violations, sewage discharge, etc., making Musk feel helpless in the face of slowing construction progress.


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