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Morning Post | iPhone 15 photo upgrade/Musk: Apple threatens to remove Twitter/Xiaomi 13 series press conference official announcement

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Morning Post | iPhone 15 photo upgrade/Musk: Apple threatens to remove Twitter/Xiaomi 13 series press conference official announcement

Ai Faner’s early report reading

  • Shenzhou 15 sets off tonight
  • iPhone 15 will use Sony’s ‘most advanced’ image sensor
  • WeChat test applet to open picture function
  • Musk: Apple threatens to remove Twitter
  • The price of domestic Model Y is the lowest in the world
  • Weilai mobile phone released within one year
  • Mi car is exposed to progress is not as expected
  • Xpeng Motors denies plans to develop self-developed batteries
  • Hundreds of UK companies move to permanent 4-day work week
  • 💡Who has the final say on the “reproductive rights” after death?
  • Mi 13 series will be released on December 1st
  • All iQOO 11 series are equipped with 2K 144Hz 6E screen
  • Apple Watch Ultra launches scuba diving app
  • KFC’s new cheese fondue set
  • Many fashion brands announce boycott of Black Friday discounts
  • lululemon Shanghai Dongping Road store officially opened
  • “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple” breaks Nintendo’s all-time best-selling record
  • The final chapter of “JOJO: Sea of ​​Stone” will be launched this week
  • ‘Oddworld’ could cost Disney $147 million
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto to release new album “12”

God’s 15 astronauts set off today, 6 astronauts gathered on the space station

According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft will be launched at 23:08 Beijing time on November 29.

Three astronauts, Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu, will carry out the manned mission of Shenzhou 15, with Fei Junlong as the commander.

The main purpose of this flight mission is to verify the ability of the space station to support crew rotation and realize the first on-orbit rotation of astronaut crew.

During the in-orbit stay, the Shenzhou 15 astronaut crew will welcome the Tianzhou 6 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou 16 manned spacecraft to visit and dock, and plans to return to the Dongfeng Landing Site in May next year.

Source: Science and Technology Daily

iPhone 15 will use Sony’s ‘state-of-the-art’ image sensor for better low-light performance

According to Nikkei News, Apple’s iPhone 15 high-end series models to be launched in 2023 will be equipped with Sony’s latest and most advanced image sensor, which can bring better image quality and higher dynamic range.

According to reports, Sony’s “state-of-the-art sensor” nearly doubles the saturation signal level per pixel and is able to capture more light than current sensors. Even in strong backlight environments, it can capture the details of faces very well.

Sony is said to have achieved this through a new semiconductor architecture designed to place photodiodes and transistors on separate substrate layers, resulting in a higher-density layer.

In addition, there have been previous rumors that the iPhone 15 high-end models will have several exclusive features, including the A17 chip, high-speed USB-C interface, more RAM, and an upgraded periscope telephoto lens.

Source: Macrumors

WeChat tests the “More ways to open” function, which can quickly call applets to open pictures, videos, and files

According to WeChat user feedback, WeChat is testing a new feature. After the user presses the picture for a long time, he can select “More ways to open” and use different applets to open the picture.

Users can choose different applets to directly realize different functions such as searching for products by image, generating posters, and saving to the cloud disk.

In addition to pictures, videos, files and other content can also be long-pressed to select “More ways to open” to call different applet functions. However, currently only a single image, video, or file is supported, and batch processing is not possible.

Source: IT Home

Musk: Apple threatens to remove Twitter

Musk said yesterday that Apple has “basically stopped” advertising on Twitter, and said that Twitter may be removed:

“Apple also threatened to remove Twitter from the AppStore without telling us why.”

Musk then released a survey asking whether Apple should “publicize all censorship actions it takes that affect customers,” and then began retweeting content from companies Apple had “moderate discussions” with, and even retweeting Epic Games’ 1984 parody video. This video hints at Apple’s monopoly on the App Store.

Twitter has been facing a rush of advertisers to pull their ads since Musk bought the company last month. According to reports, many companies have begun to shift digital advertising spending to TikTok, Google and Instagram.

Source: IT Home & Foreign Media

The price of domestic Model Y is the lowest in the world; an improved version of Model 3 is on the way

After the price cut last month, the current starting price of Model Y in China is 288,900 yuan, which is slightly more than half of the retail price in the United States. Mainland China has become the place with the lowest price of Model Y in the world.

The most expensive place in the world to buy a Model Y is Singapore, where the pre-tax price is 142,471 Singapore dollars (about 103,800 U.S. dollars). Analyst Seth Goldstein said this was largely due to “higher taxes, duties and registration fees than in China and Europe” in places like Singapore and Israel, and “supply and demand conditions, as well as the level of competition in the market are also pricing factors.”

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Still, local automakers accounted for nearly 80% of EV sales in the first seven months of 2022, according to the China Passenger Car Association. From established automakers such as BYD to rising stars such as “Wei Xiaoli”, many local competitors are quickly catching up with Tesla through the release of new models and promotional activities.

In addition, according to foreign media, people familiar with the matter said that Tesla is developing an improved version of the Model 3.The redesigned project is based on HighlandThe key improvements include reducing the number and complexity of Model 3 internal components while focusing on features valued by buyers, such as displays, and possibly appearance and powertrain performance. The new Model 3 is expected to go into production in the third quarter of next year.

Source: Phoenix.com & China Business News

Li Bin’s internal speech: NIO’s mobile phone will be launched next year, and the next generation of cars will go to the United States

Recently, Li Bin, chairman of Weilai Automobile, delivered an internal speech on the eighth anniversary of Weilai.

In addition to vehicle R&D and manufacturing, NIO has successively developed businesses in recent years including battery replacement, community services, power batteries, self-driving chips, and mobile phones. It has also successively planned two lower-priced sub-brands, code-named Alps and Firefly. , and at the same time start going to Europe.

In his speech, Li Bin shared the five major challenges facing NIO: the epidemic, the international situation, the economic environment, rising raw material prices, and competition, and proposed solutions such as insisting on investing in research and development and exploring overseas markets.

Regarding the Weilai mobile phone, Li Bin revealed this time that the Weilai mobile phone will be launched next year, and he “has a broken screen, so I don’t bother to change the mobile phone.” In a face-to-face event a few days ago, Li Bin also said: “Users who want to change their mobile phones within a year, there is no need to change them. If they are Android users now, there is no need to change other mobile phones.”

In this speech, Li Bin also revealed that Weilai’s next-generation car will go to the United States.

Source: AUTO later

It was revealed that the progress of Xiaomi car was not as good as expected, and some expected functions were cut off

At the Xiaomi press conference in August, Lei Jun announced that the first product of Xiaomi Motors is expected to be rolled off the assembly line and officially mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

However, a Xiaomi employee recently revealed that the progress of the development project of Xiaomi cars is not as good as expected. The main reason may be the delay of internal processes, which eventually led to the cut off of some functions and products that should have been delivered.

Another employee who is said to be from the R&D department said: “In the released self-driving test videos, we rarely see one shot to the end, and many of them are edited and spliced, which is also a true reflection of the R&D progress. “

In addition, the news also said that some Xiaomi employees of the Shanghai team have also chosen to resign in the near future, and Shanghai is where Xiaomi’s business departments such as complete vehicles, three electric systems, and chassis are located.

Source: Interface News

Xiaopeng Motors denies plans to develop self-developed batteries: it is still focusing on the main business of automobiles

Yesterday, it was reported that Xiaopeng Motors has recruited Zhong Liang, a former BMW senior battery engineer, to be responsible for self-developed batteries. The current R&D team has about 100 people, and it is expected to be initially implemented in about five years.

In response, Xiaopeng Motors responded: “There is no plan for self-research on batteries. The company is currently firmly focusing on the main business of the automobile, controlling costs and improving operational efficiency.” Zhong Liang’s responsibility in Xiaopeng Motors is to connect with major battery factories Cooperation, not self-developed batteries.

In addition, Xiaopeng Motors established a new subsidiary within this month, whose business scope includes battery manufacturing, etc., which was once regarded as a signal that Xiaopeng Motors will promote battery self-supply. In response to this, Xiaopeng Motors said: “(This company) does not have any new business, but it does not rule out adding some business in the future.”

Source: Interface News

100 UK companies sign deal to commit to permanent 4-day week with no pay cuts

100 UK companies have signed a permanent deal pledging to a four-day work week with no pay cuts for all staff.

These 100 companies have a total of 2,600 employees. The CEO of one of the companies, Awin, said: “Over the past year and a half of the pilot period, we have not only seen a huge improvement in the health and well-being of our employees, but also our customer relationships and talent retention.”

Most companies that officially adopt a four-day workweek are in service industries, such as technology companies or marketing firms. However, figures from the UK’s four-day week pilot scheme show that some companies in manufacturing and construction have also signed up.

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Source: The Guardian

💡Who has the final say on the “reproductive rights” after death?

Post-mortem assisted reproductive technology allows people to preserve the germ cells of the deceased to create a baby. But who has the power to dispose of these cells remains a conundrum when there is no way to know what the individual is thinking.

Peter Zhu, 19, tragically passed away in New York in a skiing accident. Before the accident, Peter had registered for body donation, clearly expressing his desire to donate all his organs.

But, at the same time, his parents also wanted to keep his sperm to create a child.

What if no one knew whether Peter wanted a baby or not?

The answer is still vague. At present, in most countries, germ cells and embryos are still not regarded as a kind of property, not subject to the jurisdiction of property laws, and it is difficult for them to be directly inherited by family members.

In Peter’s case, Peter’s parents finally obtained Peter’s sperm with the support of the local court. But even if the child is finally born smoothly, some states in the United States do not legally recognize that a child born through “posthumous conception” is a descendant of the deceased.

According to Shelly Simana, a bioethicist at Stanford University in California, making a “biological will” can be an effective way to avoid this situation:

“Just as we are encouraged to consider organ donation, we should all write down whether we would like to keep and use our germ cells.”

To learn more, you can check it out here:https://go.ifanr.com/wvH4Xz

Mi 13 will be released on December 1st, and the MIUI 14 early adopter program will start

Xiaomi’s official Weibo announced yesterday that it will hold the launch event of the Xiaomi 13 series and MIUI 14 on December 1, and Xiao Ai will also usher in a new upgrade at that time.

According to reports, the Mi 13 series continues the “dual-size dual-flagship” positioning, including the standard version and the Pro version. Among them, the Pro version continues to use the curved surface design, while the standard version returns to the right-angle frame and achieves an ultra-narrow frame of 1.61mm. The whole series is equipped with IP68 as standard, and a body made of nano-skin technology will be launched.

Previously, Xiaomi also announced that the Mi 13 series will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. Product manager Wei Siqi also confirmed on Weibo that the ceramic body will return in the Mi 13 series.

At the same time, the Xiaomi MIUI 14 early adopters program activity has also started yesterday, and Xiaomi community users can sign up to participate before December 28.

Source: DONews

World premiere, all iQOO 11 series are equipped with 2K 144Hz E6 full-sensing screen

iQOO officially announced yesterday that all iQOO 11 series will be equipped with the world’s first 2K 144Hz E6 full-sensing screen as standard.

It is reported that this screen has a local peak brightness of 1800nit, supports XDR Rngine high dynamic range display and 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which can effectively reduce screen strobe in low-brightness environments and improve users’ experience in dark environments. and eye health.

In other respects, iQOO 11 will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, supports up to 200W wired flash charging, and is equipped with vivo’s self-developed chip V2.

The iQOO 11 series will be officially released at 14:30 on December 2.

Source: ZAKER

Apple launches Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra, a tool for scuba divers

Apple Watch Ultra today welcomes the Oceanic+ App, which turns Apple Watch Ultra into a full-featured, easy-to-use dive computer.

Oceanic+ is developed by Huish Outdoors in cooperation with Apple. Users can set information such as surface stay time, depth, and breathing gas, and Oceanic+ will calculate the user’s No Deco (no decompression) time based on this information, which is the limit time that a diver can stay at a certain depth. In addition, the planning tool brings together information such as water surface temperature, water temperature, wind, UV intensity and ocean tides.

When diving, one of the most intuitive features is tactile feedback. This feature allows the watch to touch the user’s wrist through different forms of vibration, allowing divers to receive timely notifications underwater even through a diving suit as thick as 7 mm. Divers can take the watch to a depth of up to 40 meters.

The app, available for download in the App Store, requires an Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1 or later paired with an iPhone 8 or later running iOS 16.1 or later.

Source: Apple

Christmas Surprise Month, KFC launches new “Cheese Fondue” set

KFC has recently launched new Christmas “surprise” products such as the “Cheese Fondue Set”.

The set includes spicy and crispy chicken, chicken wings and other products. Each serving is served with cheese sauce and comes with a ceramic pot. It needs to be taken away and the price is 388 yuan.

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In addition, new KFC Christmas products such as milk-covered beer-flavored drinks, oatmeal crunchy and raw chocolate-flavored egg tarts, dark chocolate light cheese soufflé cakes, thick beef burgers with pasta and cheese sauce, etc. have also been launched.

Source: @KFC&New Consumption Think Tank

Reflecting on excessive consumption, many fashion brands announced boycott of Black Friday discounts

Many fashion brands such as Rixo, Baukjen and Me+EM have announced that they will reflect on the excessive consumption that may be caused by big promotions by boycotting the “Black Friday Discount Week” starting on the 25th.

The co-founder of Rixo said that during last year’s Black Friday, brands had to deal with the goods hoarded during the epidemic. But starting this year, the brand will abide by the core values ​​of environmental protection and sustainability, and will not participate in Black Friday discount activities, nor will it carry out large-scale price increases or increase inventory.

At the same time, Baukjen, a sustainable women’s clothing brand, announced that it will continue to donate clothes to the British women’s charity Smart Works during Black Friday. This will be the third year Baukien has announced its withdrawal from Black Friday and advocated giving back instead of buying.

Source: Vogue Business

lululemon Shanghai Dongping Road store officially opened

Recently, the sports lifestyle brand lululemon Shanghai Dongping Road store officially opened, which is the brand’s first independent store along the street in mainland China.

The store is located in the historical and cultural district of Xuhui, Shanghai. On the basis of retaining its original architectural style, it incorporates Shanghai-style artistic inspiration and modern design style, injecting new vitality into the historical district.

To celebrate the opening, lululemon Dongping Road store also held community activities such as meditation yoga, yogurt handmade, city cycling, vinyl painting and rooftop party, which attracted more than 300 guests to participate in.

Player ratings are at a record low, “Pokémon Vermillion/Purple” still breaks the best-selling record in Nintendo’s history

It has been more than a week since the release of the new Pokémon ninth generation work “Pokémon Vermilion/Purple”.

According to Nintendo’s official data, the work sold 10 million copies within three days of its release, of which 4 million were in Japan and the other 6 million were worldwide: “This is among all Nintendo game consoles of all generations, including Switch, the world and Japan The highest sales performance in the first three days.”

However, due to problems such as poor game optimization frame rate and frequent stuttering, the player score of “Pokémon Vermillion/Purple” on Metacritic has dropped to 2.9 points.

Source: Hypebeast

“JOJO: Sea of ​​Stone” ushered in the final chapter, the third part will be launched this week

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The third part of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Sea of ​​Stone” (episode 25-38) will be broadcast on Netflix on December 1st.

The story tells that Xu Lun, the protagonist, was framed and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Xu Lun, who was in deep despair, awakened incredible power when he held the pendant entrusted by his father.

It is expected that Part 3 released this time will be the final chapter of the work.

The box office of the North American Thanksgiving period is dismal, and “Odd World” may cause Disney a loss of 147 million U.S. dollars

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Last weekend, the North American market ushered in the Thanksgiving schedule, but the overall box office results were dismal. Among them, Disney’s animation “Odd World” only received a box office of 28 million U.S. dollars in 5 days of global release.

According to analysts, the final global box office of the film may be fixed at 85 million yuan, while the film’s production costs and global marketing expenses are as high as 274 million U.S. dollars. It is expected that Disney will lose 147 million U.S. dollars due to the film.

The film’s CinemaScore audience rating is B, the lowest rating in the studio’s history, and it will be launched on Disney+ during Christmas.

Source: Watch Movies & Mtime

Ryuichi Sakamoto will release a new album with a total of 12 new songs

Film score master Ryuichi Sakamoto announced that he will release a new album “12” on his 71st birthday (January 17, 2023). This new album contains a total of 12 new songs composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto during the epidemic, and each song is named after the date of creation.

Despite his unsatisfactory physical condition, Ryuichi Sakamoto is still scheduled to hold the previously announced online piano recital on December 11.

At that time, the online piano recital will also be pre-recorded, with a total duration of 120 minutes. The first half is a studio recital, and the second half is a complete preview of the new album “12”.

Source: Watching Movies

Climate-focused artists Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roche recently brought a new exhibition, using satirical artistic language to explore environmental issues such as melting glaciers and overfishing.

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