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Moto, 2021 closes with + 21%

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The 2021 of mobility celebrates two-wheelers once again. In fact, the market does not stop its positive trend and closes the year with a + 21.2% on 2020. Despite the declines in November (-2.4%) and December (-4%), the data released in the evening by Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) testify to the great interest of Italians in the products of the reference industry, which in 2021 put more than 280 thousand vehicles on the market. Values ​​and numbers that not only describe pre-pandemic registration volumes (+ 14.5% on 2019), but that bring the sector back to a market size that had not occurred since 2012.
For the president of ANCMA Paolo Magri «the sector still faces important challenges brought to life by the complexity of the global context, not least that of international procurement and transport. However, what is ending is a very significant year which confirms the leading role of two wheels and the positive trend of a market animated by great passion and a new demand for usable, fast and already sustainable mobility is a tribute to the efforts of the whole production chain”.
THE DECEMBER MARKET – Getting to the heart of the data analysis, December saw a decline of 4% compared to the same month of 2020, placing a total of 8,804 vehicles on the market (mopeds + registered). The situation of mopeds remains critical, with a double-digit decline (-23.4%) and 1,160 registered vehicles; motorcycles are also in trouble, losing 10.4%, with 3,626 vehicles sold (but in December 2020 the market had grown by 47%); the only positive result in comparison with 2020 is that of scooters, which number 4,018 vehicles and grow by 11.2%. The market is back in the black when compared with the month of December 2019, showing growth of 4.4%.
2021 – During the year, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles recorded a double-digit increase with a performance of + 21.2%, equal to 289,067 vehicles: the market recovered and exceeded the volumes of 2012, when 255 thousand were sold vehicles. The only negative sign is what comes from mopeds, which recorded a decrease of 4.7% and 18,835 vehicles sold, for the first time (apart from the anomalous year of 2020) below 20 thousand units. The growth of scooters was significant, with 151,153 vehicles registered, corresponding to an increase of 21.3%; the trend of motorcycles is even more robust, with 119,079 vehicles registered and an overall growth of 26.4% over 2020. The most significant figure, however, appears to be that of the comparison with 2019, the last “normal” year before the pandemic: here the market is growing overall by 14.5%.
ELECTRICITY MARKET – The electric market is also back on track after the misstep in November: December, in fact, 835 vehicles, marking an increase of 5%. The result of the month allows electricians to close even with 2020 (+ 0.5%), registering a total of 10,848 vehicles. The comparison with 2019 shows an increase of 85.5%.

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