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Moto Guzzi V100 Naval Aviation, the debut on the Cavour aircraft carrier

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Moto Guzzi V100 Naval Aviation, the debut on the Cavour aircraft carrier

The new Guzzi V100 Mandello Aviazione Navale debuted on the deck of the Cavour aircraft carrier. The bike is a limited and numbered edition that will be produced in 1913 copies, the number that recalls the year in which the Navy’s aviation was founded. Complete with dedicated cloth and celebratory plate, it is in sand gray color that recalls the livery of the F-35B fighter. The graphics are inspired by hunting with the insignia on both sides of the fairing, the tricolor cockade, the Naval Aviation emblem and the logo of the Aerei Imbarcati Group. The standard equipment also includes the tire pressure sensor and knobs that are redeemable.

A 105 hp twin cylinder with a torque of 105 Nm

The typical technical characteristics of the V100 are also confirmed on the Naval Aviation version, starting with the engine which is a new generation transverse twin-cylinder engine, more compact than the previous one and able to offer torque delivery right from low revs: the 82% of the maximum speed of 105 Nm is available at 3500 rpm. The power that stands at 115 hp will allow the new Guzzi to offer brilliant performance. The rumors about the characteristics of the engine suggest that the unit should be aggressive as well as able to offer a response that is both prompt and sporty.

The V100 Mandello offers comfort and fine details

The space available in the saddle is optimal as is the shape of the handlebar, not too wide and angled towards the rider. The posture not too inclined forward allows a relaxed position, with the arms slightly bent. The tank accommodates the legs well and the footpegs do not cause the knees to bend too much. A very balanced driving position between sportiness and tour guide. And the adaptive aerodynamics, one of the strengths of the Mandello V100 offers good comfort. The constructive care is good, with careful assemblies and finishes to which are also added some fine details such as the design of the rear rim.

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