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Mouflons del Giglio, animal rights activists: “The EU Parliament Commission stops the slaughter”

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There are those who are working to save the Giglio mouflons. The animals that, according to the Tuscan Archipelago National Park Authority, had to be killed. Several hunters had already been hired to exterminate the alien species of ungulates introduced in the park in 1955 for fear that the mouflons present were endangered.

Now a real legal battle has started that has reached the European headquarters. A letter was sent to Pascal Canfin, MEP and chairman of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament, asking for the immediate suspension of the Life LetsGoGiglio project, and the killing of mouflons on the island of Giglio.

The appeal of the farmer: “Do not kill the last mouflons of the Giglio Island”

Lav, the Vitadacani animal shelter of the Network of sanctuaries and the Save Giglio citizens’ committee sent it. «The Environment Committee of the European Parliament – underline the signatories in a note -, has the responsibility of verifying the correct use of the economic funds destined to carry out Life projects such as the one that affects the island of Giglio. It is precisely the contents of this project that arouse serious suspicions about the correctness of the approval and financing process ». For Lav, Save Giglio and Vitadacani «the authors of the project argue, for example, that the mouflons are jeopardizing the local economy, modifying the fragile agriculture of the island. However, the local farmers themselves reject this hypothesis and, in response, have signed a letter absolving the mouflons of such accusations. The documents collected reveal that, since the introduction of the mouflon on the island in 1950, the Park has received only one claim for damages, for a total of 1,200 euros “.

The international organization for the protection of animals (Oipa) also criticizes, according to which, according to the operating regulations for the removal of mouflons from Giglio drawn up by the Park Authority, “the slaughter of mouflons on the island of Giglio will be used by hunters to accumulate points as “selecontrollori” and to use the carnage for self-consumption ». Massimo Comparotto, president of Oipa, asks «the Park Authority and the Tuscany Region to rethink». Oipa will also assess “whether this project is respectful of Italian and European laws” and thinks “to send a report to the Environmental Court of Justice to verify that citizenship and environmental associations were also involved in presenting the project for the Life call. locals”.

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