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Mps, Bonomi (Confindustria): “A third banking hub is needed”. Work: “We retire without offering anything to young people”

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TURIN. «Confindustria’s position has not changed: we are strongly opposed to 100, 102 and 104. As entrepreneurs, we look at the numbers and the numbers tell us that it has not achieved the desired effect. We were told that three would be hired for everyone who retired. In reality the effect is 0.4. We are retiring those who have a job without offering a job to young people. We believe that it is necessary to intervene on strenuous jobs, here there is actually a problem ».

Carlo Bonomi, president of Confindustria, speaks. It does so at the Ogrs of Turin, where the industrial union has brought hundreds of young people for its annual assembly. A message: businesses must start from young people, look to the future. In addition to the maneuver, Bonomi looks with concern at the faded wedding between UniCredit and Monte dei Paschi. «Mps is an issue that must be tackled absolutely, we need to look at a third banking hub. I understand the needs of the Ministry of the Treasury which must resolve the situation, in this I hope that there is a great national discussion on a third pole. It is necessary because in addressing the national recovery and resilience plan, private investments will be the most important thing, so having three important banking poles in my opinion could also be useful for entrepreneurs “. And the fact that the state has to go back to putting hand to the wallet? “We could talk about Alitalia, Ilva. We have examples …. Montepaschi is a problem we cannot ignore it, but let’s face it once and for all and let’s do it from a system perspective ».

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The attack on economic policies is also tough: «Next Generation Eu is a debt of future generations, I believe that it should be everyone’s responsibility to be obsessed with growth. If I look at the maneuvers that are proposed to me: 1 billion more for the citizenship income, share 102 and then many other flags, I find it hard to understand where the growth is “says Bonomi according to which” with this maneuver we have the an opportunity to start a process alongside the NRP, which should be entirely focused on growth, because we have contracted a considerable public emergency debt ».

On the issue of the Green Pass and the protests, Bonomi cuts short: “I always look at the glass as half full, in this case it is almost full to the brim and the Italians have shown a sense of responsibility and civic education: we should exalt this instead of talking about a minority blowing on the fire ». As for the introduction of the green card in companies, “there are problems and there will be in the future but we have always said: we sit at a table and the problems are faced and solved, taking into account that it is a measure that looks to a national responsibility that was to secure the country, not just the workplace ».

Finally Piedmont. “It has suffered a very strong blow but it is structurally solid is suffering for the automotive industry but aerospace may be the future”. In the background, the crazy increase in raw materials: «I am very worried as much as I am concerned with rising energy costs. But it is the cost of labor that does not make us competitive so we ask for an intervention on the tax wedge. It is the only thing our country can work on to make our businesses competitive and attractive. With the maneuver we have the opportunity to start a path that must be all focused on growth, it must be everyone’s obsession. If I look at the flags of the parties I find it hard to understand ».

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