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Mps: Bper-Unipol’s no sinks the share (-9%)

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Mps: Bper-Unipol’s no sinks the share (-9%)

Mps, panic on the stock market after Bper and Unipol statements. KO title on the Ftse Mib

Sunken too the latest M&A rumor on Mps, what he sees interested in the Sienese bank Bper.


The title of Monte dei Paschi di Siena cannot withstand the blow of yet another denied rumorsinking on the stock market by about 6%, on a day that sees the Ftse Mib of Piazza Affari suffer a slight decline.

Mps is confirmed the worst title of the list.

The denial came from the same bank called into question, i.e. from Bper and also from Unipol, major shareholder of the bank of Modena.

Mps also made itself heard, whose stock has recently risen, more to be precise inflated according to skeptics on its attractiveness as prey for M&A operations, precisely in the wake of new bets on the institution’s attractiveness. Bets that have overlapped following the optimistic statements, released earlier since Minister of Economy and Treasury Giancarlo Giorgetti, then, in an interview, by the same CEO of Monte di Stato, Louis Lovaglio.

On the occasion of the Trento Economics Festival, Giorgetti defined MPs as potential “coveted prey”making a parallelism with the path of exit of the Mef from Ita Airwaysdecreed with the agreement with Lufthansa that had been announced a few days earlier.

Shortly after the number one of Monte dei Paschi, CEO Luigi Lovaglio, he said he was in favor of the wishes of the Meloni government, or rather the creation of a terzo bank centerthus further reinvigorating the bets on the risk of Italian banks, with Mps greedy prey.

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But no.

Bper, the CEO Montani: “Mps is in Siena, we are not interested”

“MPS is in Siena, we are not interested”. So today the CEO of Bper Piero Luigi Montani, on the sidelines ofConsob annual meeting with the financial market and the speech made by the President of the Commission, Paolo Savona.


Shortly after, another slap came from Unipol, the main shareholder of Bper, which spoke of fantasies, referring to a possible interest of the bank to get married with Monte.

We have never been contacted by any government on the Montepaschi dossierthere are no interlocutions, nor have there ever been any”, commented, according to what was reported by the Radiicor agency, the president of the Unipol group, Charles Cimbrialso present at the Consob event.

Bper is a bank that has grown a lot in recent yearsin a short time, therefore it is totally committed to the integration” of the institutes that have already been acquired, such as Carige.

Cimbri recalled that “value for customers, shareholders and the bank is created with punctual work every day“. And that, “Bper today is totally focused on this job”, he said again.

Mps: usual would-be bride without suitors

As in the past, the prospect of an Mps stands out again usual would-be bride with no suitors.

In recent weeks, a double no has also come from Banco BPM and by Credit Agricole Italia, on the occasion of last thoughts Finals of the number one of Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco.

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We have no intention of pursuing an aggregation project with Monte dei Paschi di Siena. We have a stand-alone strategy that has delivered really positive results and with which we hope to create a lot of value for our future shareholders,” he said. the president of Banco BPM Massimo Tononi, confirming what had already been said in recent weeks by the CEO Giuseppe Castagna.

Same he president of Credit Agricole Italy:

“We are fine as we are for the moment”, replied the president Ariberto Fassati to the question (the usual one) concerning the MPS dossier, i.e. “Are you interested or not in buying Monte di Stato?”.

Yet another no from Bper this is not good news for the Meloni governmentwhich aims, leveraging precisely on an alleged interest in MPS, to create a third banking pole, getting rid of the ballast of the investment, equal to 64% of the capital of Siena, which has made the Italian State the first shareholder of the bank with the precautionary recapitalization of 2017.

Based on the new agreements signed with the European Union, the State will have to return MPS to the market by 2024.

The latest rumors about an alleged interest by Bper in Monte dei Paschi had arrived with an article in La Repubblica, who had not even ruled out the option of a broken MPS, or a bank stew (break up).

Also present today at Consob’s annual meeting with the financial market was the president of Monte dei Paschi, Nicola Maione who, when asked by Radiocor regarding what was said shortly before by the CEO of Bper, Piero Montani, expressed himself as follows:

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“We continue to work on the path of improving the accounts, profits, and let’s move on.”

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