Home Business Ms. Han Min, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Aojie Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a closing speech_ 东方 Fortune.com

Ms. Han Min, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Aojie Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a closing speech_ 东方 Fortune.com

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Dear investors and netizens:

Hello everyone!Aojie TechnologyThe online investor exchange meeting for the company’s initial public offering and listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board is coming to an end. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation.Here, on behalf ofAojie Technology, For supportAojie TechnologyMy friends of development would like to express my heartfelt thanks again!

Today, we deeply feel the attention and expectation of investors to Aojie Technology. I believe that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of the company profile, industry prospects, competitive advantages, corporate governance and future development plans of Aojie Technology. Thank you very much for your questions and valuable suggestions. We will definitely digest and absorb the suggestions of all investors and friends, and integrate them into the company’s future governance, continuously improve the company’s management level and core competitiveness, and always stick to forge ahead. The original intention.In the future, the company will use the power of the capital market to further increase its investment in technology, research and development, and talents. With the background of the country’s vigorous promotion of the development of the integrated circuit industry as an opportunity, the company will continue to enhance its technical strength, enrich its product lines, and expand product application areas. Become a well-known chip design company in the industry, with more excellent managementPerformanceRepay the concern and love of investors.

Today’s online investor exchange meeting is coming to an end, but the communication channels between the company and investors will remain open. In the future, we will disclose the company’s operating conditions in a timely, accurate and complete manner through various forms. We also welcome you to keep in touch with us through various forms such as telephone, email, and online communication.

Finally, thank the lead underwriterHaitong SecuritiesAnd the hard work of all intermediary agencies! Thank investors for their trust, support and active participation!Thank you SSE Roadshow Center, ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper·China Securities Network provides us with this good interactive communication platform! I wish you all the best and all the best! thank you all!

(Source: ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper·China Securities Network)

Article source: China Securities Journal·China Securities Network

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Original title: Ms. Han Min, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Aojie Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a closing speech

Solemnly declare: The purpose of this information released by Oriental Fortune.com is to spread more information and has nothing to do with this stand.


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