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Musk sells all luxury villas and analyzes that it can save $2.5 billion in taxes

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Thanks to the surge in Tesla’s share price, Musk surpassed Bezos to become the world’s richest man this year, and was the first to surpass3000A top rich man worth billions of dollars, however, he is different from the traditional rich. The mansion and villa alone are not the same. He sold all his properties and chose to rent a house.

Earlier this month, Musk sold his last luxury home in California. In order to sell it as soon as possible, he drastically reduced the price of his house.3750Ten thousand dollars finally reduced to3000Ten thousand dollars (approximately1.9Billion yuan), finally sold the last luxury home, becomingHomelessman of.

It is understood that Musk’s property occupies an area47Acres (approximately190202Square meters), is one of the largest real estate in the area, with a construction area of ​​approximately16000Square feet (approx1486Square meters).

This year6News of the month,After Musk sold a lot of real estate, he rented a house in Texas5Ten thousand dollars (approximately31Ten thousand yuan) inside the house.

For luxury houses, ordinary people can’t ask for it, and Musk said that he did it to gain freedom, and wealth made him feel depressed.

However, for Musk’s behavior of selling houses, there are also opinions that it is not the pursuit of freedom that he said, but the avoidance of California’s personal income tax and capital gains tax.Now that he no longer owns California assets, selling the house has helped him save up to25100 million U.S. dollars in taxes, about RMB160Billion.

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