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Musk thanks Elkann: “John helped me in the most difficult moment”

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«It is difficult to create a company and always be successful, I do not recommend starting companies if you are not passionate and do not need to do it. It is complicated, difficult, but at the base of the creation of a new company you need to have an interesting idea, which can give value to the world, surround yourself with capable ideas and involve them in what you want to do “. This was stated by Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, during a debate with the president of Stellantis, John Elkann, as part of the Italian Tech Week, underway in Turin.

Tesla, the risk of bankruptcy, the help of Comau

“A company goes through a life cycle, it starts in a simple way, then it develops and grows, you have to take care of every phase of the life of the company and continue to reconfigure them in every phase of the life cycle,” he said. Musk. The path, however, can sometimes be very bumpy: “Tesla, in its life, has been close to bankruptcy several times, now production is going well” and “the most complex and painful period was between 2017 and 2019 (at the time the company was having difficulties in the production of the Model 3 and the stock was crashing on the stock market, ed), it’s nice to talk to John who helped me a lot in that moment, ”said Musk. Elkann said he was “pleased that Comau (the company specializing in industrial automation, now part of the Stellantis group, ed) had helped Tesla find a solution”. Comau built part of the Model 3 assembly lines, in particular the body.

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Yes to nuclear power

Speaking of energy transition, Elkann and Musk agreed on the need to focus on nuclear power. “In the long run, we will be able to get to solar energy. But I was surprised by the countries that have abandoned nuclear power, it is a safe technology. We must not close the plants because they are not a danger. There are more dangers from using coal than nuclear, ”Musk said. “Nuclear is a solution that we know, it already exists, it is safe, we should develop it further. China and India are increasingly using nuclear energy, this is an indication of what we should do. At the same time we must focus on alternative energies. Solar energy will also become more and more central, ”agreed the president of Stellantis.

The microchip crisis

“I think it will be a short-term crisis. There are a lot of chips in production, the manufacturing factories are working and I think the situation will be better next year ». Tesla’s CEO thus spoke of the microchip crisis in the car industry, in connection with the Italian Tech Week from Texas. “I’m not 100% sure,” Musk warned. The semiconductor crisis, produced in less quantity than the demand that has now exploded also due to the electrification in progress in the automotive sector, could cost this year a drop of 210 billion dollars in turnover on a global scale according to the consultancy firm’s estimates. AlixPartners. Almost 8 million fewer cars were produced.

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